Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What Are Your Labels???

When I was in high school, designer labels were just hitting the fashion industry.... I remember all those silly commercials on TV - Gloria Vanderbilt with her hair tucked behind her ears selling her designer jeans... Sassoon jeans - they had a catchy song and girls parading around in their tight blue jeans... and who could forget that Brooke Shields Never let anything come between her and her Calvins??? In those days - those were the only labels I knew... Wanted.... Cared about.... I would babysit many weekends to save enough to buy one pair of $50 too tight jeans... I have flashbacks of sucking in my belly and rolling around the floor to zip up those size 2 jeans.... I would have been better off with a few sizes bigger....

Today at the ripe old age of 44 (almost 45) - I realized that I no longer care about labels on the things I wear.. the things I buy... I more often will buy a store brand item because it's less expensive and more times than not works or tastes the same as the pricier competition. Today - I realized that labels are still a big part of who I am.... but a different kind of label... a far more important type of label...

I am...........

A Wife
A Mom
A Daughter
A Sister
A Friend
A Follower of Christ
A Budget maker and keeper
A business owner
A brat
A strong headed and strong willed woman
A lover of the written word
A scardy cat of the dark...
A Conservative voter... thinker... doer...

But I do have to say that of all the labels I wear... I am most proud to be a mom and a wife to my husband of 22 years and a follower of Christ.... These are the labels that define me...

What are Your Labels???

For Fun...... The Eighties... Were Something Else.. Don't You Think....


  1. I remember "aerosol" jeans. The ones so tight that you had to lay on the bed, hold your breath and zip. Then not breathe for the rest of the day/night until you took them off.

    I don't guess I have any labels. But hopefully someone thinks that I am a good wife, mom, daughter, sister and Christian.

  2. I like the labels you have ow more than the name brand labels. I could list the same ones for myself.
    I had forgotten how provocative that ad was!

  3. Ah I remember those days where what you wear was your identity. Though I have found that there are still people out there like this especially with the designer handbags and shoes. I don't get it, spending a month's pay check to get something that everyone else has. It's just not me...

  4. We're about the same age and I remembered so much of what you said! I also remember Jordache and colored painter pants! Painter pants, LOL!!!!



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