Tuesday, September 27, 2011

High School Back To School Night

Last night was back to school night for my eldest daughter... I have to say high school has changed tremendously since I was in school... The subjects and expectations are far greater... I am not sure I could keep up with her schedule... I most definitely have gained a higher appreciation for the work that she does.. The plan was for the parents to walk to each period in the order my daughter goes... Meet the teacher for about 10 minutes and then walk to the next class.... Easier said... believe me...

First period - Spanish 2... This class is in the furthermost corner from where I drop her off in the morning - She is on the tennis team and needs to drop off her gear at the gym... I had 3 years of Spanish in high school and in this 2nd year my kid is taking - let's just say - it's much more advanced.

Second period - Algebra 1 - This class - is once again the farthest she could go and stay on campus... It's past the gym... She must get a work out everyday - I know I did... I don't remember half the stuff she is learning in Algebra - did Algebra get harder???

Third period - English - Now this is a class I would love to take - they will be reading To Kill A Mockingbird - one of my all time favorite books... As well as Shakespeare and Greek tragedies.. So much fun... I did learn last night that if my kid wants to go to a 4 year college - she must take AP or CP English next year.. To qualify for AP English - she must maintain an "A" with a percentage of 95% or higher both semesters - fill out an application AND write an essay - The English department will then review and advise... The competition is fierce....

Fourth period - Chemistry - I hated this class in school and I'm not sure this class has changed much.... Thankfully - my girl is getting it thus far...

Fifth period - World History - Now this class seemed like a lot of fun - I love love history - the teacher was witty and I know my student likes him - a lot - he makes her laugh while she is learning....

What is great about going to Back To School - is that I learned what is expected of my kid - Where she can get help - how the grading system works and a glimpse of what kind of person her teacher seems to be....

It's going to be a tough year for her - with tennis - she is home no earlier than 4:45 on non-game days and 6 - 7 on games days... and then she has in upwards of 3 hours of homework a night... Times have changed since the early 80's when I was in school but I am thankful there are many resources to help when it's needed......


  1. Hi Kelly! Oh I do not miss those days of back to school nights, etc.
    Yes, Blog Sugar was held right in your own backyard!!! It was really lovely. There is always next year. Hope you can make it. Thanks for stopping by this morning!

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    Thanks, Debs Dealz

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog! I've been a follower of yours for awhile now. Have a great week!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind comment! Your daughter has tough classes this year...thankfully I have 6 more years before we enter high school...although the way time flies, I know it is just around the corner. My son plays tennis too...and I blog about it way too much!



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