Thursday, September 15, 2011

Showering With Love Notes...

Years ago I watched a movie called Pay It Forward... This movie introduced an amazing idea... The idea was to perform random acts of kindness for a complete strangers... Then the strangers who benefited from the kindness would pay it forward.. What an amazing world we would live in - if we all practiced kindness... I also watched another movie several years ago called The Miracle of the Cards. This particular movie was about a young boy with brain cancer who received millions of cards and letters - his spirits were lifted... A miracle did happen - the brain cancer went away.. This is a true story...

Many of you have followed my posts about a young 17 year old girl named Haley.. Haley is currently in the hospital after receiving a bone marrow transplant for a very rare disease that she has been suffering from - the disease is Myelodysplasia (MDS).. In order to receive the transplant, Haley had to undergo chemotherapy to rid her body of all her white cells... She received the transplant and almost immediately contracted a life threatening fungal infection in her lungs... Because her body could not fight the infection she was put on life support... The doctors hesitantly came up with the idea of transfusing Haley with donor white cells - this is a very time consuming process for the donor.. Word got out that Haley needed Type O white cells and God showed up and showed off... Friends - Family - Strangers jumped in their cars and headed to the hospital to donate... The blood bank was overwhelmed with people who wanted to save this young woman's life... The donations are working!!!!! She is now off life support... She is still very sick but she can breathe on her own and she is no longer in ICU.... The infection is still there and it is still very serious but it is improving.... and donors are still needed.... I have to tell you that - this infection was so serious that the doctors advised the family to say their goodbyes.... and now Haley is breathing... She is fighting.... There will NOT be any goodbyes....

Haley will be in the hospital for several more months.. She has to fight this infection and she has to wait for the bone marrow transplant to engraft and start to produce healthy blood cells... If you have stayed in a hospital for any length of time - you must know how long the days are... How boring they can be... Now imagine an active - athletic teenager - having to lie in bed - hour after hour.. day after day... month after month... She must be going absolutely nuts... Her spirit must be having major peaks and valleys... She has too much time to think.. too much time to ponder.. worry... She must feel so isolated.. So alone...

Wouldn't it be great to lift her spirits up? If you are interested in sending Haley a note/card/a drawing from your child - something that will make her smile - please email me at and I will forward you the mailing address.... I truly believe random acts of kindness makes our lives better..... and incredible things for others.. Won't you join me?


  1. What a wonderful concept - paying it forward.

    I would love to send her a letter - please forward her address.

    New follower!


  2. you are a great friend! What a great thing to do.


  3. I have not forgotten Haley as you first shared about her and I know how much it hurts you too to go to the process she's going through as a close friend. Through prayers, I remember her and I pray that God's miraculous healing will be upon her. We know that nothing is impossible with our good Lord. Thank you for encouraging me also as I face my own storm. This post is what being a Christian is all about...Faith without works is nothing. To share someone's pain by even just listening, I think eases up the burden they bear. Like Haley. May God's strength and comfort be always with her and yes, it can be soooo boring at the hospital. Noisy at times during days. May she get the rest she needs. God bless you sister.

  4. I've been following her story on Facebook, I'll email for the address girlie.



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