Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mom and Daughters Trip - First Stop Grand Canyon

My intention was to blog during our vacation and upload the pictures as we went.  However, I did not take into account the poor Internet service at the hotels we were staying out - nor did I take into account how bone tired I would be after a day in the sun and walking a gazillion miles.

Day 1 - Left Orange County California for Williams, Arizona.  We left home around 8 AM and arrived in Williams, Arizona around 4 PM and we stayed at the Grand Canyon Railway - The drive was not very pretty - but crossing over the Colorado River and seeing people enjoy water skiing and boating was awesome.  We knew it was extremely hot outside by touching the windows of our car.  Later we found out that the temps were over 110 degrees..  Our destination - thankfully was a lot cooler than that.  William, Arizona is higher up and the weather is several degrees cooler than the desert below.
                                                     The Colorado River

Day 2 - We took a train from our hotel to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon - the train itself was slow and a little too long (approx 2.5 hours - each way) but I enjoyed the ride free from cell phones and constant distractions - my girls however - were bored out of the minds after the first 30 minutes on the train. The train did offer a bit of entertainment.  A man who played the fiddle - a young man who enjoyed strumming his guitar to Johnny Cash songs and of course we were robbed by a couple of cowboys for tips...

We enjoyed walking around in the shops - looking at the incredible view - watching the Indian dancers.

After we arrived back to our hotel - we drove up the road a piece and landed on Route 66 - which of course was a great experience in nostalgic USA..  We ate pizza - came back to our hotel and prepared to rest up for the next day's drive to Roswell, New Mexico. 


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