Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Requirements For Our President

As I have said many times - I am not a political person... I personally do not care what party is running our country.... Republican - Democrat - Independent - or whatever new party that comes along.... What I do care about is the person who is elected and what He or She represents... for whatever reason, I am not personally ready for a female president... and I can't answer why.... the President for me to be happy must have the following traits:

He/She must be a follower of Christ because that defines the person..

Must protect the right of Mr. Joe Plumber to own a small business and not pay extremely high taxes.

Must protect the right of the sales person to have their commissions and bonuses to be taxed the same as regular income

Must be ethical

Must put the American People before themselves.

Must try to avoid war - but if it's needed to do it strongly and with respect

The President must have people working for him that can create a budget like a well running and profitable company... and not pay $10,000 for a coffee pot..

I believe the President should only allow English speaking persons to be US citizens... If they can speak the language fluently then there is no need for ballots to be in 583 different languages..

Must believe in the right to life and not Freedom of Choice

Must answer a direct question with truth and not run around the question... If he can't answer then say he can't answer... but will find the answer and will advise.

Must create a budget that can benefit all Americans not just the poor or the rich...

Must have stricter guidelines for welfare and workman's compensation... the ones who need it - must be able to have it.. and the ones who don't - cut them off...

Must be able to provide health care to ALL Americans - but not social medicine... there must be a better way and someone much smarter than me can figure it out..

George Bush may have been an over spender and he may have made unwise decisions - I don't know that much about it - but - I do believe he is a good man and his intentions were good... I am sure many would disagree and that's okay.... I do believe that it's strange that the candidates to pick from are not the cream of the crop.... just again my opinion... by the way - I am a conservative republican... can you tell?

I saw this youtube video the other day on a friend's facebook page.... I thought it was funny and I thought I would share.

One last comment - regardless who becomes our President whether I agree or disagree with his policies - he is our President and because of that respect is warranted and should be given...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Boys Refuses Chemotherapy

I read an article today about a young thirteen year old boy who is suffering from Hodgkin's Lymphoma. This young man and his family had decided that chemotherapy was not something they did not want. The boy, Daniel Hauser said that the treatment made him very sick and did not believe the chemotherapy would help him get better. The parents believe that chemotherapy is harmful to the body. They believe the alternative treatment he is following is getting him healthy and reducing the tumor in his body - which is vitamin supplements, ionized water, organic foods, and other dietary restrictions. His tumor has shrunk....
Well, a judge in Brown County and a team of oncologists where they reside - believe Daniel needs to be on Chemotherapy and yesterday the court ordered the parents to bring their son back to his chemo treatments.... In addition - the judge has ruled that Daniel is need of child protective services because they believe the mother may take her son and flee... she had done that previously to avoid the court discussion on the subject of chemotherapy.. The parents are seeking the court's forgiveness for fleeing and pleading with the court to let Daniel stay home surrounded by his family... the ruling is still pending..
The good new is that the most recent x-rays show a significant change in the tumor - what was once solid black is white and see through.. I will pray for this family..
My question is... when is it okay for a court to interfere in family's religious and/or alternative medicine choices... This I believe is a tough question... really tough... What do you think?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Jon And Kate Plus Eight Heads To Divorce

I have never watched Jon and Kate plus 8. Never was interested - sounded kind of dumb in my opinion... Lately, the news and tabloids have been over the top on the coverage of this family. The tabloids have been reporting affairs, abuse, and other awful things about this marriage. Today, the media has said that divorce papers have been filed.. when Jon (the husband) was asked about the divorce... it appeared to the media reporters that it was just another day in the life of Jon and Kate plus 8..... Do people realize the plus 8 are the children they have together??? Do they care?

This is really sad to me... When parents get so involved with themselves and their greed and celebrity that they have forgotten they are responsible to eight beautiful children that they helped to create... When Jon was asked a question about his marriage his reply today was watch the show...seriously? Is this divorce in the making for TV ratings? The couple already make an estimated $50,000 - $75,000 an episode....why? Did they find a cure for a horrible disease? Do they have something worth while to teach us? No - they have eight kids and they don't mind over exposing them.... They don't care....and unfortunately - society is interested in this narcissistic couple...

I feel sorry for these children... I pray that the parents wake up -get off the boob tube and take care of their family... Stop thinking about their greedy wants and needs and start being parents... start being a family.. start being accountable to the family they created.... What has happened to family values in today's society? This show is just so very sad to me....

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Saying "Hi" to Dad Today

Last summer my Dad went to Heaven. It was a long sad journey that my family took with him.. He had been sick for a long time - the benefits of being a life long smoker.. Cancer, heart disease, and lung disease. In the end, his poor body was just too tired to keep going.
Today is Father's Day and my mom and my two daughters went to the cemetery to say hi to dad and to give him some flowers.... In many ways it seems like he just left us and in many ways it feels like it's been a long time. I truly do not believe that one ever gets over the loss of a parent... there is that hole in your heart that just won't close... that is just sad...
So today - I told my dad - "Happy Father's Day" today he is celebrating with his Father and his father... He is in his new perfect and healthy body.... he is standing in the Son....

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We're Not In The 1970's Anymore...

When my husband and I were kids things were a lot different than they are now... We did not have cell phones, ipods, colored televisions with remotes, microwaves, or video games... We rode our bikes, ran instead of walked to our friends' homes.... We made forts out of cardboard boxes and fought the "robbers" down the street one day and the "Indians" up the block the next day... It was a fun time to be a kid and as long as we followed the one big rule our parents gave us during the summer....... GET HOME BEFORE THE STREET LIGHTS COME ON.. then everything was good...
I remember my friend Pam had a pool and we all thought she was so lucky and rich... only rich people had pools in those days. We would hang out at Pam's home almost everyday of the summer - cooling off in her big cold pool... Marco.... Polo.... was usually the game of choice.. To be young again in the early 70's...

Today -my kids have everything.... including their own pool... I don't think my kids have ever played Indians or robbers..... they don't ride bikes or scooters often because they are very busy with their outside sport - tennis and other activities away from home... When they are home - time is spent with homework, playing in our pool or just plain resting...
Nikki and Kara went up North to spend the week with their grandparents... Raising two sons in the 60's and 70's - it is hard for Nana and Papa to understand that what once was fun might not be fun anymore.... The bikes and scooters they got for my teen and preteen was not the big "hit" they had hoped for.... Nikki at the age of thirteen rather spend her time on her cell, computer, or laying out by the pool checking out the cute teen boys... Kara on the other hand will enjoy the bike or scooter for about fifteen minutes (to please the grandparents) then want to do something else...
It is a difficult generation gap to over come.... feelings get hurt... are getting hurt... Seven days is a long time to be away from home... nerves are getting strained and the excitement of the first couple of days is long gone..... Getting calls from my baby crying because she is homesick is tough to take.... Getting a call from the mother in law - with hurt feelings is hard to take..... Having my oldest show her "true teen" colors is hard for them to take....
Tomorrow the kids will be back home - and I miss them like crazy.... can't wait to get them and I am sure the in laws/grandparents are looking forward to having me take them.... The funny thing is that next year - the stress of this week will be forgotten and the grandparents will want the kids up North again.....maybe..

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Silly Boy Puppies Don't Go In Toilets

In England a four year old little boy decided to give his one week old puppy a bath... He flushed the poor thing down the toilet. With the help of neighbors not flushing, fire departments, and plumbing experts the baby cocker spaniel aptly named Dyno made it through... The little boy, Daniel Blair learned a big lesson.... Puppies don't go in the toilet...

I thought this was way too cute not to share. Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Dads Vs Moms

Today I learned a very big difference between how dads think and how moms think....

  1. If the blood isn't gushing than you're fine.
  2. Hey go ahead and drop off the kids at the water park 500 MILES from home - they'll be fine
  3. Thinks mom is over protective
  4. Says 13 and 11 year old girls should be able to hang out at water parks without their parents
  5. Thinks the girls can do the laundry themselves.. - it's mostly theirs anyways.
  1. If the blood is gushing - Urgent Care here we come
  2. No way are you dropping my kids off at a water park 500 MILES from home -that is why our youngest is crying on the phone - she's afraid to go...
  3. Thinks dad is not protective enough.
  4. Says 13 and 11 year old girls should not be hanging out at water parks without an adult present (one they know)
  5. Thinks the girls can do the laundry themselves.... - it's mostly theirs anyways..
There is a big difference between the parenting skills of dads and moms.... I'm thinking.. I am not saying one way is better than the other.. we're are just different... There is one thing that I can say.... my kids will not be going to the water park by themselves..... at least tomorrow or anytime soon.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

No Kids.. No Husband.... Oh My!

Well my kids are out for the summer..... school ended yesterday and within minutes of the school's final bell - my kids and Dusty (husband) were on a jet plane headed for the Great Blue Yonder... also known as Sacramento... side question - What is the ' Great Blue Yonder' anyway..... hmmm. The girls' Nana and Papa wanted to spend some "quality time" with the kids - code for no parents around to say "no" and get in the way of them having fun.... Dusty flew up with them but is working out of his Sacramento and San Francisco offices..

So here I am in my big ole house all by my lonesome.......and I'm sick!!! Not because I miss Dusty and the kids....yet... sick as in a scratchy throat and a cough that kept me up all night... I look like I got beat up by Mike Tyson - in his glory days... I am suppose to be basking in the glow of no cooking, no "honey do this and that", and control of the remote for once.... but nope not me... I fell asleep on the couch.. TV off and toast for dinner.. I guess it could be worse - I could be suffering and still be doing this and that, cooking dinner, and watching the Laker game (I am so tired of sports....)... I am suffering in peace you might say....

I am having fun texting Nikki on her new cell and last night Kara called me to say good night and that she loves me.... Dusty comes home this weekend.. just me and him no kids.."Oh what can we do" - she says with a grin... I'm thinking I just might be well by then.... and the kids will be back on Wednesday..... happy to see me and spoiled rotten by the grandparents... exactly the way it is suppose to be.....

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Night On The Midway

My daughter's fifth grade class stayed the night on the Midway - the world's largest aircraft carrier in San Diego, California. She slept in a bunk, was treated like a sailor and had to salute her superiors, she ate really bad food, and got to go in a real fighter jet!!!! She had a blast.

I loved that my kid was able to experience this... She learned a little bit about US history. Learned a little about Desert Storm.. a little bit about Vietnam War... She learned a little bit about aviation.. She got to fly in a simulator three times... She bought lots of candy for herself and a golf ball for her dad... She got to be a kid.

She left yesterday afternoon at 2:00 PM and returned today at 1:00 PM. She said she did not sleep a wink.. looking at the pictures... I would believe it....

Monday, June 8, 2009

I Do Not Have Time To Be Sick!

Don't you hate when you wake up in the morning with that itchy throat? At first you think maybe you just slept with your mouth open... or maybe you snored really hard last night..... and as the day progresses the itchy throat starts turning into a little cough.... and then your itchy throat is really needing some hot tea and a hundred doses of Zicam - well that's where I am right now.... I do not have time for this.... I repeat.... I DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR THIS...

My kids get out of school this week and are flying up to Northern California with Dusty. The girls will be with their grandparents and my hubby will be working in his Sacramento office... I don't want to be sick!!!! Two days at home.... no kids.... no husband... I want to sing and dance.. not cough and drink hot tea and down the Zicam...

I'm going away to a Woman's Ministry retreat on Friday and I don't want to be sick!!!! Two days of worshiping and bonding with incredible women.... They'll kick me out if I'm coughing, drinking my hot tea and downing the Zicam..... at least I would kick me out.... No mercy, I tell you.... no mercy...

So here I sit.... drinking my hot tea and downing my Zicam.... and really wishing and hoping my throat will be better in the morning...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Scream Heard Around The World

Today is Nikki's 13th birthday and what a day we have had!!! We started our day by going to church.. Nikki's youth pastor took over today's sermon and I had to laugh out loud - the guy is really funny. Having received his Master's in Christian Apologetics - the guy knows his stuff. He talked about doubt. The different kinds of common doubts we have as followers of Christ... I was impressed. (I'll talk all about that in another post)
After church we came home and Dusty hid Nikki's new cell phone -( this is a big deal - for information why this is a big deal read my previous blogs about her and the the cell phone) behind her fish bowl in her room.. Dusty asked her to go up to her room to get a notebook and I called her on her new phone... all of a sudden the screaming starts hers..... and then her little sister (who thinks what's my big sister's is mine). It was pretty cool watching my husband tear up.... I'm guessing I am not the only softy in the family...
After the presents we headed to Johnny Rockets for lunch and a movie. We saw Night At The Museum II (first one way better).. came home - I crashed.... (tired) and Nikki? Texting her friends what else?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Control Your Child... Please

I have a friend who has two kids that drive me insane.... and it's not the kids' fault... I love my friend, I truly do.... but I don't want to talk to her kids on the phone.. especially if the kid cannot talk... and anyone that tells her it's cute.... besides grandparents is lying.... I'm betting it annoys the grandparents too... I remember one time she gave the phone to her Princess#1 and did not get back on the phone for almost two minutes.... since the kid didn't talk.. I could hear my friend going potty in the background..... not cute... not even a little.. Tip to parents that do this: Unless the caller asks to talk your babies... they don't want to talk to them... really

I had a free afternoon a while back and called my friend and asked her if she could join me for lunch.. Her husband works from home - so usually the two of us can have some quality time together.. She was available and met me at Mimi's, a cute little French Bistro type restaurant... When she arrived she had princess #2 with her.... My friend explained that as she was leaving the house, princess started to cry and she had to bring her.... Don't get me wrong - I love kids... I have a couple... I just wanted her and me time... So we tried to have a conversation between princess throwing her crackers.. banging her spoon.. and trying to get out of her high chair.. so what does my friend do? She takes princess out of the high chair and puts her on the ground.... in a restaurant!!! The kid starts running around... going under customer's tables... I'm sure everyone could see the look of horror and embarrassment on my face... We had not started eating our lunch yet!!! My friend starts to laugh and says something like "isn't she cute?" my answer "NO" I shouted in my head.... The customers around us about had enough because within five minutes the manager came and asked my friend to control her child - in a nice way.... My friend was really angry at the restaurant and the manager... Seriously..... Tip to parents that do this: Children should have freedom absolutely - but they must also have boundaries - allowing your child to run, scream loudly, or throw food in a restaurant is never acceptable.. if your child does that... leave. Parenting is about being inconvenienced at times.. many times.. People go to restaurants to enjoy a meal not to watch your kid running around "being cute"...

When my daughters were much smaller and were in a double stroller we used to go to the mall and window shop.... The girls were always eager to go because they knew after I was done "shopping" they would get to go Mac Donald's and get a happy meal... It became our little once a month tradition.. The stroller was also great for tying bags on.... Never once did my girls try to get out of the stroller.... they never complained.. we made our "mall adventures fun"...

Well my same friend and I met up at the mall a couple of weeks ago and this time she brought Princess #1 and #2.. I don't expect her to leave her kids home every time we get together.. seriously.. When the plans were made - she mentioned that her husband was going to watch them - so I kept my girls home too.... My girls love to play with her daughters so they would have tagged along too if I knew.. This trip to the mall was awful with a capital A - why? My friend said her daughters did not like the stroller and so they proceeded to run every which way... up the escalator... down the escalator... cutting people off - whining.... What could I say to my friend...? I witnessed her yelling at the restaurant manager... so I sucked it up and grinned... "Wow... this is just great"

I truly believe that my friendship with my friend will always be there. I will always love her and her girls... young children can make things difficult - that is just the way it is.... but children without boundaries can strain a friendship.. Of course, our children are always our priority as it should be.... but it is our job as parents to be responsible enough to train our children to behave well in public at every age... and unfortunately - the enjoyment I once had spending time with my friend is gone..... for now

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Last Minute Projects......and a lot of "I Don't Knows"

On the way home from school yesterday - Kara, my fifth grader tells me she has a book due tomorrow... I said okay, make sure you put it in your backpack when we get home so you'll have it...
No, she says - "I have to write a book with 20 pages..... and every page has to have a drawing" she will be reading her book to the kindergarten classes tomorrow (today)..
My question: "How long have you had this assignment"
Her answer: "One month....."
Me: "How much have you done?"
Her: "Three pages... and they all have to be typed...."
Me: "And why did you wait till the last minute to tell me?"
Her: "I don't know..."
Me: "How much other homework do you have?"
Her: " A lot"

I ordered pizza in and typed all her pages for her.... Her job was to draw and color the pictures.. I go upstairs to check on her progress at 8:30 PM and catch her in the game room watching TV.

Me: " Are you done?"
Her: "No..."
Me: " So why are you watching TV?"
Her: "I don't know.."
Me: "Move it, Missy - ROOM NOW!!!!!"

Over the next hour - I am checking up on her and she's working.... or so I thought... 10:00 PM - past her bedtime... I go into her room and she is practicing her talent show routine....

Me: "Are you done?"
Her: "No...."
Me: " So why are you dancing?"
Her: "I don't know...."
Me: " You have thirty minutes till bed time! MOVE IT"

At 10:30 PM - she is still at her desk...

Her: "Mom, I am almost done"
Me: " Okay, pick up the pace"

At 11:30 PM - she is at her desk asleep... with her complete book lying next to her....

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm Getting My Kid A Cellphone

A while back I told everyone that I refused to get my daughter a cell phone and I stated many reasons. I believed at the time they were valid... I was surprised by the overwhelming response of moms and dads that completely disagreed with me. One dad in particular said this:

My son will be 12 in one week and has had a cell phone since his 11th birthday. He lost one about two months in, but paid the co-pay himself to get another, and has had that for 10 months. He does use it for texting friends, but puts it away when asked and turns it off during meals, movies, homework, etc. Heck, after about a month of having the phone, the novelty of it wore off and we had to remind him to bring it with him when he left the house!
One reason my wife and I wanted to get him a phone was for safety purposes. If he gets lost, stranded, abandoned, flat tire on his bike, or otherwise needs us, we are a phone call away. True, we didn’t have cell phones when we were kids and we survived, but I can think of dozens of times I had to search for a payphone (back when there was one on every corner) to call my parents to pick me up, confirm dinner time, etc. This also brings in the convenience factor – being able to coordinate pickup times from friends’ houses, finding each other inside Wal-Mart, the list goes on of the practical, everyday uses we find for his phone. He even uses the camera to take pictures, upload them to to make short movies! Then there’s this, Kelly, and I’m delving into an area here that’s very personal to you and none of my business here, so be prepared. Your daughter isn’t asking for a tattoo, multiple piercings, a Mohawk. She just wants a phone. Something all of her friends have, something that isn’t evil, immoral, or otherwise destructive. She’s resenting you more than you know, and will never look back and thank you for not getting her a phone when she asked for one. This problem has become way bigger than it needs to be. She’s being teased about it, and every time she is – she thinks about how you are the cause. That’s a dozen times per week that she is reminded of how she resents you for this decision. My suggestion? Make a few simple rules about phone use with a clear understanding of what the consequences are for breaking these rules, and let her have a phone. Heck, if you still aren’t ready for a full-featured phone, get her Firefly –, with a deal that if she can keep that without losing it until Christmas, she can get a regular phone. Then she pays the $50 co-pay if she loses the regular phone.

Gosh, Tom writes well..... no wonder that is his profession. You can find his blog at HiFi Collector

After I sent Tom's comment to my husband Dusty - the first thing Dusty said was "That guy can write - and he has some very valid points.. " Then I started to think of all the benefits to me... Then I started to warm up to the idea... So two weekends ago - I went to T-Mobile bought her a phone with a little typewriter thingy for texting.... I wasn't ready to commit to a contract but I did get her a pay as you go... I thought it would be good for a beginner that never has really talked on the phone before... It was $1.00 a day for unlimited texting and only if she texts - if the phone is not used then no charge and 13 cents or 15 cents a minute for talking - I don't remember.... I put $100 on it and we'll see how long that lasts....

The plan is to hide the phone in her pillow case on her birthday - since she practically lives in there won't be hard to get her in there.... Then I am going to call her..... She is going to freak!!!!! in a good way... Thank you, Tom, Momweb, and Peri for your wisdom and thoughtfulness. You are all a blessing to me and my daughter's new best friends!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Roller Coaster Ride With A Teenager

This weekend - I truly felt I was on a roller coaster.... The highs and lows of Nikki, my soon to be thirteen year old in six days..... It truly amazes me how fast she can go from happy and sunny to moody with a black cloud hanging above her head... And everything is an emergency... She'll barge in my office during a client call because the following week she has to wear a green shirt... it does not need to be an immediate need.. just when she thinks about it.. and If I don't act on it right away - the world will end..
She has decided that her room is the one room in the house she wants to occupy.. I may see her lurking in the kitchen for a snack and I do see her at mealtimes.. but that's about it.. Dusty (the husband) tries to have "family" night and the amount of moaning and complaining just about ruins any attempt at enjoyment... She is quick to shoot down her sister's accomplishments but then will turn around and make her sister's lunch and write "I love You" on the lunch bag....
I am in constant prayer to ride this emotional turmoil without anyone "getting hurt".... I pray for the words to say to her... I pray for knowledge... I pray for thick skin so that I won't take this grief personally... I do know she loves.... she loves big...huge...
I have been told by many that the teenage years are the most difficult..... So I am leaving in a few minutes to pick up my bundle of joy..... and I am wondering if she'll be up...... or if she'll be down..... I am thinking this is only the beginning of a crazy ride....


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