Thursday, November 4, 2010

Going To The Dermatologist Today

Take My Poll Up Top and Let Me Know What You Think - Am I Paranoid?????

I have an appointment with a dermatologist this morning - in about one (1) hour to be exact. I have a couple moles that I want looked at.. My dad used to get Basil Cell Carcinoma - he would go in to the doctor and have many moles burned off... I had a weird mole removed from my leg about fifteen (15) years ago - It's back....

I'm not trying to be paranoid - BUT... I'm pretty sure I have a Basil Cell on my left upper arm.. It's small - red - kind of looks like an ingrown zit... But it's been there for at least six (6) months that I know of... It's better to be safe than sorry... I tried to take a picture of it- but my camera is not working that well ( I need a new one)

The mole on my leg - looks a little like this one..

Picture taken from yahoo pictures

I have a dark ugly mole on neck/shoulder - I hope to have this removed soon - looks like this one...

Picture taken from yahoo pictures

There's another mole on my leg - now this one is very very light - a couple of weeks ago - something must have rubbed against it because it started to bleed - turned into a scab and fell off... Searching the internet about moles - it always says to have bleeding moles checked... so here I go...

I know the A B C D E of moles - BUT... I'd rather have a doctor tell me..

Asymmetry can be assessed by comparing one half of the growth to the other half to determine if the halves are equal in size. Unequal or asymmetric moles are suspicious.

If the mole's border is irregular, notched, scalloped, or indistinct, it is more likely to be cancerous and is suspicious.

Variation of color (e.g., more than one color or shade) within a mole is a suspicious finding. Different shades of browns, blues, reds, whites, and blacks are all concerning.

Any mole that has a diameter larger than a pencil eraser in size (> 6 mm) should be considered suspicious.

If a mole is elevated, or raised from of the skin, it should be considered suspicious.


  1. Better to err on the side of caution. I don't think you're being paranoid at all, especially with a family history. Good luck! I hope they're nothing!

  2. Those photos look normal to me!! Infact they look like some of the moles I have about my person.
    It's always best to get checked and so I think you are doing the right thing.
    Do hurry back and let us know how you got on.

  3. I don't think you're paranoid. Better safe than sorry!

  4. I think it is always good to have them checked. My husbands family has "mole genes" I swear. So all of my kids have large and weird looking moles. I have had them into the dermatologist pretty regularly growing up and while all the moles have been fine I have still had some of the larger ones removed because they are just ugly and I was also afraid they would eventually turn into something.
    Better safe than sorry.
    Hope your visit turns out well. Chances are it is nothing :-D

  5. Not paranoid at all! It's important to have these things checked out!

  6. Thank you for your comments! My leg moles were good. The mole on my arm is basil cell carcinoma - the Dr. burned if off - I go back in 3 weeks - if it's still there they will excise it.... If you get skin cancer - it's the best kind to get...
    Love to you'

  7. Glad it wasn't that bad! I have to go see the dermatologist every year so that he can do an all body check since I have had several basil cell melanomias removed.
    You said he burned your moles off, mine cuts them off. Takes several weeks for them to heal especially if they are big.

  8. I had melanoma at age 22. I go every six months to be checked--always good to ask the doc instead of wondering. You were smart to go! :)

  9. I agree with most of the comments here - check it out while you have the chance to do that. Some folks do not have insurance and have no choice - I feel blessed at 71, knowing I have coverages that allow me to have things checked.
    And thanks for the comment on my motivates me to try harder...
    Hugs and prayers

  10. I think you are doing the right thing. Better safe than sorry. I have to go in and get a couple of mine check, we are pretty sure it is just my hormones and reactions from my meds making me get more and them change but we want to be sure. Nothing to fool with. Good luck

  11. Yes, the doctor burned it off with that cold/hot liquid stuff.. Also burned off a pre-cancer on my back... 50/50 chance the burning did the job on the basil, I go back in 3 weeks - if not gone - they will cut it out..yuck..

  12. I have some moles I need to get checked out. Glad your appt. was OK!

  13. What ended up happening? Was the burning good, or did you end up having to have it excised? I have to go every 6 months b/c my aunt had a melanoma and I had a pre-melanoma taken off. My mom just had a squamous-cell taken off. If you're gonna get skin cancer(as if any of us do it on purpose), basal cell is the way to go! Those are less likely to spread. Hope everything is fine now. I try to tell everybody to go get checked at least once to get a base-line scan. I'm enjoying your blog very much!

  14. I've got a similar paranoia. A few days ago discovered a raised mole 8 by 4 milimiters in size. It's mostly greish-brownish in color but it's got some black spots within it. I rushed to the dermatologist and all she did was to glance at it for 5 seconds and say it's alright. I asked for a biopsy and she refused! WTF???



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