Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Another Crazy Day

Yesterday was one of those days that I wanted to be June Cleaver.... wear my pretty dress, have my hair perfect, and always have my home and kitchen and kids under control and everyone is so happy.... Yesterday... was nuts... by 9:00 PM I was ready to put my head in the electric stove... I had 20 balls going in the air and praying that none of them would fall. I was finally got "caught up" at 10:15 PM... and crashed..
This morning my lovely husband let me sleep in. He woke up both the kids, had them make their lunches, and breakfast. He had everyone stay really quiet and I slept till 7:20 AM.. that was very nice... Came down stairs and gave the girls and hubby a quick hug as they walked out the door. After they left I found two notes.. One from Dusty on my computer keyboard and one from Kara (my youngest who drove me nuts yesterday) on my office door... ahhhhh..... all is forgiven...
What was also very nice is the way Dusty set my tea out for me... You got to see this... He loves me...
Today was another crazy day.. I almost forgot to register the kids for school next year but remembered at the last moment... yeah. tomorrow should be pretty good..
Having family that loves you during the stressful days is a nice thing to have.


  1. aww, how sweet of them to leave notes! I bet that really did make your day!

  2. That is so sweet. The note and tea from Dusty shows how far you've come!

  3. Yeah, what Mari said :) Keep it up. You are reaping what you sow.


    I have been busy going through old boxes of misc.
    stuff and found a few of those warm fuzzy notes my Son wrote oh lets say 25 years ago ,anyway they still transport me right back to the moment I thought I would not survive my family to the moment of I love my family all over again.
    Note when downsizing hang on to personal yellowed
    tear stained notes in childrens handwriting.



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