Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Love Dare Day 28

Today I was to make a sacrifice for Dusty big or small and to find something he needs done and to do it for him..
Today I remembered one of the very reasons I fell in love with Dusty. His sense of humor. Before we started dating we used to talk on the phone for hours. I fell in love with Dusty during those marathon gab sessions because he made me laugh. I would laugh so hard, I would start to cry... You know that kind of laugh...the kind that makes you happy and in love.. So today was April the first, to most it's the first day of Dusty it's April Fool's Day "The Holiday". He is like a ten year old boy when it comes to pulling the ultimate prank...he got me good.. I was getting ready to take the kids to school and I went to my not so neat closet where all my shoes are in a huge pile... I need to organize.....but anyways. I started looking for easy slip ons. I found 3 left loafers... I couldn't find any matches so I get down on my bottom just searching for anything to put on my feet.... cleared out the entire closet only to find that Dusty took ALL my right shoes....and hid them!!! Finally after much searching I did find them in buckets hidden in the game room.. What is special about this story is that for the past few years he had not pulled a real prank on me...because I was so explosive he did not know how I would react.....My poor guy lived in fear of we're getting back to basics and appreciating what we had before...what an awesome gift..
So back to the love dare.. Today was hectic. I run a contract loan processing business and I have been spending a lot of time working with loan officers on current files and promoting my business to gain more clients... In addition to my work load, I take care of our home and pick up our kids from school, take them to their extra activities, pick them up, take them home, help with homework, make dinner, and go back to work.... this is how it has been for a while now. Dusty also works very hard. He's up at the crack of dawn and is home after it gets dark and he travels a lot. He has provided all my needs and has never not once complained...
Dusty has a watch that he has been meaning to get a battery for... it's one of his favorite watches. I am taking a break and getting a battery for him... Not a huge sacrifice, I know...but it doesn't have to be...this will make Dusty happy....
Tomorrow's Love Dare is to cover Dusty in prayer by name and to say I love you by words and in a tangible way. Until then....

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