Friday, April 24, 2009

My Flowergirl Is Getting Married

I am a crybaby.... I am.. My niece is getting married this June and I am preparing to throw her a "Honeymoon Shower".. To get her ready for her adventure into Marriage Land... While I was working with the invitation lady and giving her the words.. my eyes welled up and my voice choked up.... I hate that! Whenever I think of my 5 year old flower girl getting married it just hits me how grown up she has become and how old I am.... Where do the years go?
I find myself crying, welling up, or whatever you want to call it at many events.... The first day of school for my kids..doesn't matter what grade they are going's just another stepping stone towards independence and adulthood....I cry when I watch my nieces dance....Kristin the one getting married and her sister Lindsey. They have both been dancing their entire lives and to watch them dance is poetry in motion...I got to's breathtaking and I am so proud... This May Kristin graduates with her MBA and I know I am going to cry... I don't cry out loud.... I silently cry... I'm not a totally embarrassingly obvious crier... but the headaches I get after....forget about it... I'm out for the count.
I cry at my kids school productions big and small... I cry watching home videos.. I cry at sad and happy movies... I cry at commercials. My husband would look over at me and just give the know the look..."the she's a nut look".... as Leslie Gore said so many years ago.."I'll Cry If I Want Too!"
When my daughters were smaller and they would see my eyes all teary...they would get concerned..and ask "Mommy are you okay?" and I would say..."Yes, Mommy is just crying happy tears." Even today when my kids see my eyes glistening...Kara will say okay there goes mom's happy tears again.....
So I am thinking that I'm going to have to buy waterproof mascara for this shower and the graduation and the wedding.... I'm really going to be a mess at the wedding...why? My girls are the junior bridesmaids... I will be watching my favorite girls in the world - one getting married (I can feel my eyes welling up just typing this!), one as a Maid of Honor, two as junior bridesmaids, and one is the mother (my sister) of the Bride and Maid of Honor.. Oh Boy....anyone have a tissue?

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  1. I'm crying :) Tomorrow's the graduation and in 4 short weeks is Kristin's marriage. It all seems so surreal to me...I feel like I'm watching a dream..I'm proud mommy.



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