Monday, June 22, 2009

Jon And Kate Plus Eight Heads To Divorce

I have never watched Jon and Kate plus 8. Never was interested - sounded kind of dumb in my opinion... Lately, the news and tabloids have been over the top on the coverage of this family. The tabloids have been reporting affairs, abuse, and other awful things about this marriage. Today, the media has said that divorce papers have been filed.. when Jon (the husband) was asked about the divorce... it appeared to the media reporters that it was just another day in the life of Jon and Kate plus 8..... Do people realize the plus 8 are the children they have together??? Do they care?

This is really sad to me... When parents get so involved with themselves and their greed and celebrity that they have forgotten they are responsible to eight beautiful children that they helped to create... When Jon was asked a question about his marriage his reply today was watch the show...seriously? Is this divorce in the making for TV ratings? The couple already make an estimated $50,000 - $75,000 an episode....why? Did they find a cure for a horrible disease? Do they have something worth while to teach us? No - they have eight kids and they don't mind over exposing them.... They don't care....and unfortunately - society is interested in this narcissistic couple...

I feel sorry for these children... I pray that the parents wake up -get off the boob tube and take care of their family... Stop thinking about their greedy wants and needs and start being parents... start being a family.. start being accountable to the family they created.... What has happened to family values in today's society? This show is just so very sad to me....


  1. I completely agree with you Kelly. How sad this is. If it were not so voyeuristic, and perhaps were not on such a regular basis... and were it offered to uplift, encourage, and inspire people to an openness of raising as many blessings as the Lord sends...the maybe....MAYBE it would have some worthwhile reasons to view it.
    I think people tend to forget that when we put something on film or on the STAYS there...these poor sweet children will be grown one day have to STILL face the drama of all of this that was inflicted upon them in their youth. Shame on people.

  2. It is so sad! I don't usually watch this either, but did a few weeks ago. I kept thinking that these people need to get off the tv and start focusing on their family.

  3. We watched the show tonight and it was so sad. At one point the word exciting was used to describe this new part of life and that made me sad.

  4. So I guess I can scrap my plans for hubby, dd and me. Well, I thought maybe if folks were interested in what life was like raising 8 they might appreciate a lesson or two on raising 1. You think? I'm only joking. There's just not enough room in this tiny little comment box to say what I am feeling. What I can tell you is that I am most concerned for the Plus 8 too.

  5. Let's face it..Jon and Kate do not have any other means of support. They set this up and now if they stop the show they will not be able to pay for their large family's needs.



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