Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Last Minute Projects......and a lot of "I Don't Knows"

On the way home from school yesterday - Kara, my fifth grader tells me she has a book due tomorrow... I said okay, make sure you put it in your backpack when we get home so you'll have it...
No, she says - "I have to write a book with 20 pages..... and every page has to have a drawing" she will be reading her book to the kindergarten classes tomorrow (today)..
My question: "How long have you had this assignment"
Her answer: "One month....."
Me: "How much have you done?"
Her: "Three pages... and they all have to be typed...."
Me: "And why did you wait till the last minute to tell me?"
Her: "I don't know..."
Me: "How much other homework do you have?"
Her: " A lot"

I ordered pizza in and typed all her pages for her.... Her job was to draw and color the pictures.. I go upstairs to check on her progress at 8:30 PM and catch her in the game room watching TV.

Me: " Are you done?"
Her: "No..."
Me: " So why are you watching TV?"
Her: "I don't know.."
Me: "Move it, Missy - ROOM NOW!!!!!"

Over the next hour - I am checking up on her and she's working.... or so I thought... 10:00 PM - past her bedtime... I go into her room and she is practicing her talent show routine....

Me: "Are you done?"
Her: "No...."
Me: " So why are you dancing?"
Her: "I don't know...."
Me: " You have thirty minutes till bed time! MOVE IT"

At 10:30 PM - she is still at her desk...

Her: "Mom, I am almost done"
Me: " Okay, pick up the pace"

At 11:30 PM - she is at her desk asleep... with her complete book lying next to her....


  1. Thank goodness she is done!

  2. My heart goes out to you. I'm curious. Did she dictate while you typed? :)

  3. Gee I hope we get to read the book!!!

  4. Great question - Oh Sew Good.. She did dictate to me. She had written a few pages but the teacher wanted the final to be typed. It's a cute little story about a penguin named Nikki (her sister) who meets a new friend named Kelly (me). I was disappointed that she waited till the last minute.. but when I look back on my life - I have been guilty a time or two..
    Mari and Judy - I will love to share a page or two when she gets it back.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Tooo funny! I love your blog. By the way, you never responded to my request to use one of your blog post, so I took the liberty of doing it anyway. I gave you credit! It's in the MW E-newsletter.



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