Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Requirements For Our President

As I have said many times - I am not a political person... I personally do not care what party is running our country.... Republican - Democrat - Independent - or whatever new party that comes along.... What I do care about is the person who is elected and what He or She represents... for whatever reason, I am not personally ready for a female president... and I can't answer why.... the President for me to be happy must have the following traits:

He/She must be a follower of Christ because that defines the person..

Must protect the right of Mr. Joe Plumber to own a small business and not pay extremely high taxes.

Must protect the right of the sales person to have their commissions and bonuses to be taxed the same as regular income

Must be ethical

Must put the American People before themselves.

Must try to avoid war - but if it's needed to do it strongly and with respect

The President must have people working for him that can create a budget like a well running and profitable company... and not pay $10,000 for a coffee pot..

I believe the President should only allow English speaking persons to be US citizens... If they can speak the language fluently then there is no need for ballots to be in 583 different languages..

Must believe in the right to life and not Freedom of Choice

Must answer a direct question with truth and not run around the question... If he can't answer then say he can't answer... but will find the answer and will advise.

Must create a budget that can benefit all Americans not just the poor or the rich...

Must have stricter guidelines for welfare and workman's compensation... the ones who need it - must be able to have it.. and the ones who don't - cut them off...

Must be able to provide health care to ALL Americans - but not social medicine... there must be a better way and someone much smarter than me can figure it out..

George Bush may have been an over spender and he may have made unwise decisions - I don't know that much about it - but - I do believe he is a good man and his intentions were good... I am sure many would disagree and that's okay.... I do believe that it's strange that the candidates to pick from are not the cream of the crop.... just again my opinion... by the way - I am a conservative republican... can you tell?

I saw this youtube video the other day on a friend's facebook page.... I thought it was funny and I thought I would share.

One last comment - regardless who becomes our President whether I agree or disagree with his policies - he is our President and because of that respect is warranted and should be given...


  1. I agree with all of your requirements, Kelly. The video is frightening - what are we doing to our kids?

  2. I have to ask the same question as Mari "What are we doing to our kids?"

  3. I wish they could take your list and attach it to every ballot in the voting booth as a check list!
    AWESOME Kelly!
    However, I do believe that there is a difference between "respecting the Office and Position Held" and "respecting the man"....I agree that we need to respect the Office of President of the United States...the man, however, must act respectfully to gain my respect. Just my two cents :)



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