Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Women Brokers.... enough said

I work in a business where the majority of the upper management are men.... and that's okay.... Actually, I prefer it that way... Why? Because men do not tend to be sooooo petty... They are black and white.... If they are happy. they tell you... If they are not happy... they tell you.. and I respect that completely..... I do not have the time nor the patience to play the "Let's figure out what emotion this lady is having today!!"

I have recently acquired a new client.... The loan officer is a sweet lady and I do enjoy her... She has a heart of gold - is a hard worker - is giving her 100% best.... a little emotional and that's okay... I truly believe if her skin were a little thicker she would be much happier.... Honestly, it is hard at times to be truly nice in the mortgage business.... without being stepped on.... I have learned - that in order to survive and thrive in this industry (24 years experience here talking) you have to have a thick skin... not take things personally.... be a bulldog..... and not cower in a corner.... You need to be heard and sometimes your voice has got to be on the loud screechy side..

I'm getting off track here.... so I have this new client - right away she gave me a large volume of loans..... loans that have been sorta kinda processed... loans that need to close yesterday... loans that took me till the early morning hours of the night (several nights) to get straight.... I worked harder on these loans than loans I get from scratch... I have to tell you - I pulled off some major miracles... I funded the un fundable.. I was getting calls from the listing and selling agents - thanking me for a job well done... I was making everyone money.... everyone was happy... except....

My new client has a woman "broker" - Lord, save me from women brokers... especially the kind who have no idea how the mortgage side of real estate works.... the kind that isn't happy unless she's finding some sort of way to tear a person down because it makes her feel better.... In the past couple of days - I have been copied in on a couple of emails from this "broker" and the lady has really got to get her head out of her behind... One email was advising the loan officer to advise me to read conditions before they are sent to the lender - because she (the broker) misread a form.... I was right.... she was wrong.... and I copied her in the email sent from the lender thanking me for getting everything there correctly and promptly..... hmmm - Of course, the copy to me - I wasn't suppose to see.... There were several other little jabs that were not needed.... nor were they correct... the "broker" was making assumptions possibly based on past experience.... who knows??? I believe it was the 'broker' playing the "I'm a woman, hear me roar" game... The "I have to say something - so I appear smart" game... This "broker" sent the messages to my sweet loan officer never imagining that the loan officer would forward to me... What is with people who play these superior games? There are so many other ways to effectively manage people.... more respectful ways.... more mature ways....

So this is my rant blog today... You know this is not my typical style.... I truly do try to write about positive things... But please forgive me.... Blogging at times can be such a freeing release... The stress that I have been feeling from this "Broker" has been bubbling over and this is my way of getting it out constructively - rather than scream and rant and pull hair..(hers not mine).... Now the question I need to answer is this....... Is working with the "broker" worth it? That is the question that I need to think and pray on..... I enjoy the loan officer - she is a treat.... What do you think?


  1. I can completely relate to your experience because my hubby dealt with this industry for several years before most of it went flat. There were countless times he worked so hard but no one ever acknowledged what he did to make someones first home happen for them.

    It was nice to remind him that ultimately he is helping people get into a home. That changed most days for him.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. I don't have any advice for you but I do sympathize because I work with all women, but for our maintenance man and I know what you mean about that!

  3. It sounds like you work hard and are very professional unlike this broker. Take good care and please keep us posted.
    Some People!!

  4. Hey Kelly, I love the picture. It expresses so well what you wrote. Hang in there. Sarah

  5. Well have you ever thought of sending that broker a bottle of Metamucil? I'm just saying!

  6. Wow, what an a@$! So sorry you had to go through that! Don't you hate when people do that? She probably would have never said anything to your face, but since she didn't think you would hear/see what she had to say she said it to make herself look better...grrrrr Why can't people take blame when they are the ones at fault? They are typically always eager to take credit when something good is done though!

    I hope you can come up with something that works for you! Best of luck!

  7. Seems as if it's about the same no matter what job. I've always preferred working with/for men for the very same reasons. *sigh* Why do working women tend to be more emotional, petty, back-stabbing, etc.? Sorry to ramble.

    But I do love the freedom in blogging. ;o)

  8. Normally I would say give her hell but the way that the entire economy is, I would say do the best you can with her and she will get what she deserves. SO many people are on the chopping block that my guess would be that she has tons of enemies and let them do your dirty work.
    Lots of love and just let it go.



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