Monday, April 5, 2010

Ways I Save Money

The First thing I did when Dusty was laid off a few weeks ago was go back to the basics... What I mean by that is this: Pay attention to monies going out vs monies coming in.....

The First thing I do is access what is in my fridge and pantry.....

Next I do a weekly menu planner (thanks to 5 Dollar Dinners) - when I do this it helps me shop for exactly what I need - there is NO guess work or buying unnecessary items....

I pay very close attention to the weekly grocery ads... Recently Albertson's had a buy one get one free in their meats - I bought two (2) pot roasts, four (4) whole chickens, six (6) pounds of lean ground meat, and two (2) packs of pork chops... There some great deals to be had on certain days... You just have to keep your eye out for them..

I have the Sunday paper delivered just for their coupons - I have to say - I honestly save about $30-50 a month just on the basic coupons alone.... I also buy many of my paper, beauty, boxed items, and dog food at Target... Their prices are much lower than the regular super markets and many times better priced than the warehouse stores like Costco and Sam's Club..

We always pay off our credit cards off each month - I use the cards because I get great discounts by using them but it only works if you pay them off and never ever have a balance.. We live under the rule - that if you can't pay for it then you can't buy it.... A lesson I learned growing up - watching my parents struggle with finances...

This week's grocery bill about $50.... milk, bread, buns, lettuce, tomato, and avocado....

** On a positive note - the job search is going very well and we hope to have an offer soon...


  1. Good advice - and I'm happy to hear the job search is looking promising!

  2. During my unemployment I just couldn't get into coupon clipping. What worked for us was the grocery store weekly specials.
    There was and are many fantastic frugal bloggers that responded to my many questions and helped guide me into the right directions.
    I used to go to our church food pantry once a month. We would receive 24 pounds of food, which we got to pick out. Also milk,eggs, 1 meat,pork and poultry.
    Once I went back to work we stopped going to the food pantry. We rely on the weekly specials and Angel Foods Ministries.
    Our teen works now and assist in purchasing groceries. He spends $40 a month, bargain shops and looks at the grocery store weekly specials. I'm glad that he's learning good shopping skills which he'll use as he goes out on his own.
    I'll keep you and your family in our prayers as you go through this roller coaster ride.

  3. Good advice - and I'm happy to hear the job search is promising!

  4. What a great post filled with great ideas! Thanks for your comment on my blog! I love meeting new people via blogs! {grin}

  5. Your are so inspiring Kelly! Good for you; we tend to stray from the basics but it is times like this that remind us how simple we CAN live!!

    I hear you ont eh bi-weekly or monthly Target run; you can save oodles!!

    Keep up the good work and I'll be keeping my fingers crossed the job hunting turns up something real soon!

  6. I didn't realize that about the paper goods at Target. We get ours at Aldi's. Do you have an Aldi's there?

  7. I have never heard of Aldi's - what is that? lol

  8. you sound so organized which is great.

  9. I learned how to save a dime or two too when hubby was unemployed. Funny thing is I still do those things now just because I find it fun and interesting how much money I can save! I'll be praying for you and your hubby that he gets the call soon!

  10. Wow, these are great tips. Thank you for sharing these as we could really use different ideas on how to save money!

  11. Kelly,

    I love the site you posted 5 dollar dinners. Thanks so much for sharing Kelly. I hope you and your family had a wonderful dinner. I still have your husband's job situation in my prayers.

  12. I love venting also on my blog. Somedays are so bad that I need to let out some stuff. I also love 5 Dinners and have some many favorite dinners from her. So yummy!

  13. I hope the job search goes well! I have to menu plan saves us financially and emotionally (I go crazy if I have to scramble to put dinner together at the last minute!) You were on my blog this week and requested a recipe for potato soup...I have it posted now. I wanted to email it to you but could not find an email for you to send it to. I hope you enjoy it...we did and it is CHEAP to make!



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