Thursday, April 8, 2010

Well, When I Was A Kid....

Today I realized that I say the dreaded phrase that I promised myself as a young child that I would never ever no matter what say..... You know that one phrase that always got us kids groaning... Rolling our eyes (behind the grown ups back of course) The Phrase..."Well, when I was a kid...." Yep, I have become a grown up... a bore... a "well I had it harder when I was kid" kind of mom.... Oh no...... The truth has become apparent .....

I've Become My Mother.....

Phrases I am guilty of saying......

When I was a kid.... I never was allowed to have attitude with my parents or I would be in trouble.

When I was a kid.... I took the city bus to and from school - you have it easy, kid....

When I was a kid.... I NEVER talked back to my parents...

When I was a kid.... I ALWAYS NOT dressed appropriately....

When I was a kid.... My parents always knew where I was except the times I would sneak out my window

When I was a kid.... I waited until I met your dad before I had my first kiss.. try saying that with a straight face

When I was a kid.... I was making dinner for the family before the age of 10! okay, this never really actually happened.. but I did set the table!

I can't use the die hard phrase my mom would always use - Well, when I was a kid - I had to walk ten (10) miles in the snow.. up hill.... in a dress to school everyday.. But I still have a feeling... my kids are groaning and rolling their eyes behind my back... What do you think?

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  1. Ugh! Convicted! and my kids react the same way I did: eye roll.

    Thanks for stepping on my toes! I need to find much more creative stories than the truth. That's my takeaway! Ha!

  2. Mine are only 6 and 3 and I've already used that line! AAAUUUGGHHH! :-D

  3. True story: My husband, daughter and I were at a stop light. A couple crossed in front of us holding their toddler daughter by the hand. My husband says to our daughter "Do you remember when you were that small?" To which my highly bright, sharp and witty daughter replied "Do you remember when you were that young?" Cracked us up! I'll tell you what!

  4. I have found myself saying "when I was a kid" things, but I try to avoid pretending I was a saint when I wasn't - I think they see right through that.



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