Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mom And Daughters' Trip - Williamsburg

I love love American history - I was hoping that my love would rub off on my teenage daughters.... it's not to say they did not have a great time in Williamsburg - they did... The difference is I see history through an adult's perceptive and the girls see it as - something that happened a really really long time ago..... The three of us - loved every minute of it and learned many things - being a part of "live history" brings it home in so many ways... We also developed a whole new appreciation for California's mild weather....

Day 1 in Williamsburg - 101 degrees - felt like 108 - humidity - over 80% - Honest..

One of the great things about Williamsburg is that all the buildings have air conditioning.. really really cold air conditioning.... Whenever we came into a building - our first instinct was to say "Awwwww"... it was also true for the others who came in after us....

Below - College of William and Mary - the 2nd oldest university in the nation - Founded in 1696. George Washington received his surveyor's license there... Thomas Jefferson received his undergraduate degree here and presidents John Tyler and James Monroe are also famous alumis...

I love old graveyards - You will see many pictures in my follow up posts... This grave marker intrigued me -

While strolling in the Governor's gardens we met up with a young George Washington talking to the "people" about how we should break away from Great Britain and develop our own government - with our own taxes... He also talked about the uprising in Boston - also known as The Boston Tea Party - he said it was definitely not a party.. Mr. Washington was full passion and wisdom - I felt that I had really stepped back in time...
Love the garden
A visitor at the Governor's mansion
A young President George Washington
Our tour guide of the Governor's Mansion.

One of my favorite things to watch was the Fifes and Drums parade - It was so awesome....

Went to the court house and saw two naughty teens... hmm - they look like they belong to me! My youngest trying to look evil... she's just too cute to be evil..

In the evening - There is a lighting march - so beautiful to watch - the building is the Capitol - we watched a reenactment of a recorded witch trial - it definitely gave us an appreciation for our current judicial system even with its flaws....
What I did not show was pictures from our Ghost Walk - because pictures were not allowed... but it was fun and we learned more history about Williamsburg.... Great first day of our Mom/Daughter Adventure!


  1. I loved this! It brought back so many memories of when I took my son there - but he was much younger and really didn't have much interest. We didn't get to see the Ghost Walk or the Witch Trial - that would have been great to experience. Maybe now that he's older I could persuade him to go back.

    And, ummm, yeah. The heat. You should have came in May or October...the weather is usually nicer then. ;-)

  2. I loved seeing this and remembering our time there. It was really hot when we were there too and I remember how good the air conditioning felt. It's such a great place to visit in spite of the heat!

  3. You took some great photos! That fife and drum parade was so colorful! Thanks for visiting my blog...thought I'd return the visit!

  4. Sounds like a great place to visit. Great photos too - thanks for sharing.

  5. What a fun mother-daughter bonding trip. I can't wait to do more traveling as my girls get older. :)

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  7. Looks like such a fun trip! Oh and your aughters are absolutely beautiful!

  8. What an awesome trip! I love all the photos. I feel like I'm right there with you all!



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