Monday, October 17, 2011

Where Did My Sweet Daughter Go???

From birth until my youngest turned 13 she was so sweet... so lovey.. So easy to parent... Now not so much...

She went from this......

To This...

I have been told this time shall pass... and I pray that it goes by fast....


  1. Believe me - it'll go fast. The bad thing is, it doesn't feel fast when you're in the middle of it!

  2. It is so hard this stage! It is true though - you get them back somewhere around 18. Oh that seems so long. I have found that if you have patience that when they do come back someday they are sweeter than ever.

    Good luck - You can do it!

  3. always said there should be an island called "Puberty" where they all went until they were "done". My daughter thought I was mean until she got a teen of her own, now she is in search of the island.

  4. Yep it will pass. They become human again about age 23 and you find you really LIKE them again! :) Of course, we always love them, just can't stand them! LOL

    Our minister told us that it is God's way of cutting the apron strings and that very few people shed tears when the kids leave because they are both ready--as it should be if we have taught them well and given them wings to fly but roots of love. :) Good luck! This too, will pass!



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