Friday, December 9, 2011

FML - An Acronym That Drives Me INSANE!!!!!

A couple of weeks ago my oldest was getting ready for a dance.... In the middle of getting ready - I see her Face Book status pop up... It read FML with a sad face... Seriously I had no idea what that meant so I went to my youngest and asked her... She told me that it meant F**K My Life.... I had to scratch my head on that one... What could have happened for my oldest (she's 15) to suddenly post this awful acronym... So I asked her.... You know what her answer was???? She poked herself in the eye with her eyeliner... Yep - that's it... She poked her eye with eyeliner and at that moment she felt inclined to rush to her Face Book to let the world know that her life is F**Ked...

Now that I know what FML means... I often see it on Face Book and more often than not it's an adult making the post and to tell you the truth it really really REALLY bugs me... This is why....

Life is pretty good if you - have your health... healthy children.. a home to live in... food on your plate... heat coming out of your heater.... Life is pretty good if you have loved ones.... people who care about you... Life is pretty much NOT a FML moment if you have any of these.... And for someone to post FML when they are so blessed is kind of a blast to those that are enduring serious tragedies...

Personally - I know two people on Face Book that are grieving the loss of a child... I know many who are enduring the heartbreaking moments of their sick and/or dieing parent (s)... I know many who have been looking for a job and can't afford to pay their mortgage or rent.... There are those without a home... without a meal... without someone who cares about them....

So the next time a person thinks their life is so F**Ked and feels inclined to post it on Face Book - I hope they will take a moment and really looked at their life and if they don't see anything worth while then go ahead and post it....


  1. That one drives me nuts as well; especially if they have younger kids (11 or 12) that can read that on facebook.

  2. I've not heard that particular one, and I agree - pretty sad.

  3. Amen to that sister! Really?! So many people take what they have for granted. So sad. I have so many frustrating days but that's nothing compared to others who do not have a roof over their heads, children to hug them every night/morning... Heck all day!, food to eat, a bed to sleep, shall I continue?! But I would never say my life is f*****! My life is not perfect. But I'm alive and healthy....

  4. Oh my goodness. I totally agree. I wrote essentially this same post this summer when I was taking care of my Mom who was dying of cancer. FML because of traffic or a ripped nylon?! Get some perspective, please.

  5. I hate that stuff too. Be grateful for the life you have. Even if things are bad, there are those out there with even tougher issues.

  6. It's just an expression, really. You shouldn't get your knickers twisted over it.



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