Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January Challenge to Save Money Post 2

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Well 2012 is off to a somewhat good start - I've been working a lot of hours - this is a good thing... I have finished gathering my business tax information for our accountant this is also good. My goal is to get more organized... and PAY ATTENTION TO WHERE MY MONEY IS GOING!!!! With that said - Here are a couple of things I am doing...

I am keeping receipts of all money I spend.. Grocery - gas - whatever... I have also created an accounting program/process for our home spending - Household (groceries) Credit card, Ebay (my husband's addiction clothes shopping, gas, mortgage, insurance, and everything in between...

The Menu plan is always good - Sunday was Chicken Fried steak - always a winner with the family.. Monday was a complete FAIL - Crockpot Chicken and Rice - with broccoli, and salad - smelled good but very bland, Wednesday (Just me and the kids) Spaghetti, and tonight Thursday (Just me and the kids) cheese burgers and fruit... Tomorrow the plan is Grilled pork chops, rice, green beans, and apple sauce.

The chicken - looks good, doesn't it? Scroll to the bottom - you'll find a cute video of my kids and their young cousins with Nana - dancing on Christmas - so sweet and a good memory...

Christmas Musical


  1. They don't all work, but you're doing good! Cute video! Nana is really into it. :)

  2. How cute! Sorry the Crockpot Chicken & Rice was bland--perhaps some cheese? But, you guys sure look like a fun group~



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