Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Love Dare Day 34

Today I was to point out a recent example when Dusty had demonstrated Christian character. I have to be honest that Dusty's parents raised him right. Going to Church every Sunday was something you did...There was never an "if" we're going to Church it was a which service do we want to go too? I remember when we were dating and he would call me around 10 am on a Sunday morning. Sunday's were my "sleeping in" mornings. I was recovering from my night out with the girls the previous night.... He would always sound very chipper on these Sunday morning wake up calls and I would always ask why are you calling me soooo early? His reply each time was get out of bed, I've already been to Church. Let's go do something. Funny thing is that, one of the reasons I fell in love with Dusty was because he was a good boy who went to Church.... I was a Christian too but I chose not to walk the walk. I was young and my priorities were not where they should have been...Dusty helped me to straighten that out.
I have a woman's Bible study I attend on Sunday nights. This past Sunday, I just did not want to go...I wanted to lay down on the couch and be a potato... Dusty reminded me that I agreed to be a "table leader" and it was my responsibility to myself and to my group that I be there.. I am so glad I went. God just totally blessed me that night. The study was about taking the pain of others to glorify was a powerful night.. When I came home that night, Dusty was in extreme pain with his gout - he had a sudden flare up. I prayed to help elevate the pain and it did not go away...he suffered for a few more days....But my attitude and prayer process was different.. I know I emotionally felt his pain and tried to find answers. When Dusty is in pain..he reminds me of a dog that snaps at his owner when he is hurt...Dusty tends to be very snappy when he hurts and for the first time...I did not take it personally... I understood.
Tonight when dinner is done and we are cuddling on the couch...I'm going tell him that he is a good man and that is a great example of what a good Christian husband should be and that I love him.....
Tomorrow's Love dare Find a marriage mentor.....and I know just who to call....

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