Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Love Dare Days 35, 36, & 37

I need to combine a few days together. We took a short trip to the mountains to celebrate Easter break. Unfortunately, Dusty is still suffering from gout so we cut our trip a little short so that we could go to urgent care...Thankfully, the doctor gave him to shots on his bum and gave him a new prescription and as if this writing six hours later...he is a new man! Praise praise praise.
Usually when we drive up the mountain I am a nervous wreck! I feel like Dusty is playing pole position in an arcade the way he take those corners...Typically, I would be screaming my head off and telling him to slow down and he's putting our lives in danger..but this time..I bit my lip going up there..not so bad..coming back that's another story. It snowed on Friday (it was beautiful) and today while driving home we hit a cloud bank at about 6000 ft up.. windy roads...10 feet visibility.. and Dusty again playing pole position.... In a nice loving and calm voice, I asked him to please slow down and that I was frightened.. Not because he's a bad driver but because of the other maniacs on the road..(good one, huh).. No seriously he is an excellent driver and he did slow down for my piece of mind.
Now getting to the love dares...Day 35 was to find a mentor. I thought our Pastor would be an excellent choice and I mentioned it to Dusty and he thinks at this time we are really doing well (isn't that amazing...) and let's just keep practicing the tools that "we" are learning...I love the fact it's a "we" and an "us" and not just an "I" anymore! I do agree with Dusty on this.
Love Dare Day 36 I was to make a commitment to read the Bible or find a devotional book that will give me guidance. I have my devotionals that I read from time to time and I want to find something that will interest Dusty and give it to him as a gift.. and let him know it would be great if we could do our devotions or Bible readings together.... This is a tough one. Both Dusty and I love to read suspenseful fiction books and sometimes in all honesty that takes priority (not saying that is right)when we actually find time to read.... Like most parents time is always tight.
Love Dare Day 37 was to ask Dusty if we can begin praying together.. This is also difficult. I pray throughout the day and I believe Dusty does too. But to pray together (excluding meal time) is something we have never done... Tonight, I will ask Dusty to pray with me...
This has been an incredible journey for me, Dusty, and our kids. I am falling in love all over again..This is a big deal and to top it off my temper hasn't reared its ugly head in 37 days and I have no desire to rear it!
Tomorrow's love dare is to pray for something Dusty wants.

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