Thursday, June 11, 2009

No Kids.. No Husband.... Oh My!

Well my kids are out for the summer..... school ended yesterday and within minutes of the school's final bell - my kids and Dusty (husband) were on a jet plane headed for the Great Blue Yonder... also known as Sacramento... side question - What is the ' Great Blue Yonder' anyway..... hmmm. The girls' Nana and Papa wanted to spend some "quality time" with the kids - code for no parents around to say "no" and get in the way of them having fun.... Dusty flew up with them but is working out of his Sacramento and San Francisco offices..

So here I am in my big ole house all by my lonesome.......and I'm sick!!! Not because I miss Dusty and the kids....yet... sick as in a scratchy throat and a cough that kept me up all night... I look like I got beat up by Mike Tyson - in his glory days... I am suppose to be basking in the glow of no cooking, no "honey do this and that", and control of the remote for once.... but nope not me... I fell asleep on the couch.. TV off and toast for dinner.. I guess it could be worse - I could be suffering and still be doing this and that, cooking dinner, and watching the Laker game (I am so tired of sports....)... I am suffering in peace you might say....

I am having fun texting Nikki on her new cell and last night Kara called me to say good night and that she loves me.... Dusty comes home this weekend.. just me and him no kids.."Oh what can we do" - she says with a grin... I'm thinking I just might be well by then.... and the kids will be back on Wednesday..... happy to see me and spoiled rotten by the grandparents... exactly the way it is suppose to be.....


  1. WOW! You're getting a double blessing. No kids and no husband and then just you and hubby alone! You deserve it!

  2. Sorry to hear that you're sick while the hubby & kids are away. Hope you feel better quickly!

  3. Oh sweetie I wish you a speedy recovery !
    Wow just you and hubby sounds wonderful.

  4. Hope you feel better soon, so you can enjoy this time.

  5. I was hoping you'd feel better by now too. Maybe your body just needed the rest though too.



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