Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Night On The Midway

My daughter's fifth grade class stayed the night on the Midway - the world's largest aircraft carrier in San Diego, California. She slept in a bunk, was treated like a sailor and had to salute her superiors, she ate really bad food, and got to go in a real fighter jet!!!! She had a blast.

I loved that my kid was able to experience this... She learned a little bit about US history. Learned a little about Desert Storm.. a little bit about Vietnam War... She learned a little bit about aviation.. She got to fly in a simulator three times... She bought lots of candy for herself and a golf ball for her dad... She got to be a kid.

She left yesterday afternoon at 2:00 PM and returned today at 1:00 PM. She said she did not sleep a wink.. looking at the pictures... I would believe it....


  1. What a fun trip! I like the pictures of her too!

  2. How cool is that!
    Your Daughter has Beautiful eyes!

  3. How cool! You'd think living in Jacksonville, with the big military presence there'd be sleepovers on the ships, but alas, nope, just day visits. Maybe we'll visit San Diego.

    And the story of your daughter's bday is hilarious (with beautiful pictures)!


  4. We visited the Midway and it was amazing. We used to live in Temecula and would visit San Diego. Loved the Zoo, by the way. I didn't know they did sleepovers. I also wasn't aware they took it out of "dock". Well, I gotta say. I think that is the Field Trip of the Year. :)

  5. What an awesome experience! I have a similar pic of my daughter the day after her first slumber party!

  6. Wow, cool experience! Beautiful girl.

  7. An experience to saviour, and lap up with a strong wave goodbye!

    Thank you. love love, andrew. sky.



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