Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Scream Heard Around The World

Today is Nikki's 13th birthday and what a day we have had!!! We started our day by going to church.. Nikki's youth pastor took over today's sermon and I had to laugh out loud - the guy is really funny. Having received his Master's in Christian Apologetics - the guy knows his stuff. He talked about doubt. The different kinds of common doubts we have as followers of Christ... I was impressed. (I'll talk all about that in another post)
After church we came home and Dusty hid Nikki's new cell phone -( this is a big deal - for information why this is a big deal read my previous blogs about her and the the cell phone) behind her fish bowl in her room.. Dusty asked her to go up to her room to get a notebook and I called her on her new phone... all of a sudden the screaming starts hers..... and then her little sister (who thinks what's my big sister's is mine). It was pretty cool watching my husband tear up.... I'm guessing I am not the only softy in the family...
After the presents we headed to Johnny Rockets for lunch and a movie. We saw Night At The Museum II (first one way better).. came home - I crashed.... (tired) and Nikki? Texting her friends what else?


  1. I wondered what that noise was. Thanks for clearing that up. I never would have guessed. :) Glad you had fun though!

  2. What a great way to surprise her! I love the pictures of her too. She is beautiful and looks older than 13!

  3. That was priceless! So sweet!



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