Monday, June 8, 2009

I Do Not Have Time To Be Sick!

Don't you hate when you wake up in the morning with that itchy throat? At first you think maybe you just slept with your mouth open... or maybe you snored really hard last night..... and as the day progresses the itchy throat starts turning into a little cough.... and then your itchy throat is really needing some hot tea and a hundred doses of Zicam - well that's where I am right now.... I do not have time for this.... I repeat.... I DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR THIS...

My kids get out of school this week and are flying up to Northern California with Dusty. The girls will be with their grandparents and my hubby will be working in his Sacramento office... I don't want to be sick!!!! Two days at home.... no kids.... no husband... I want to sing and dance.. not cough and drink hot tea and down the Zicam...

I'm going away to a Woman's Ministry retreat on Friday and I don't want to be sick!!!! Two days of worshiping and bonding with incredible women.... They'll kick me out if I'm coughing, drinking my hot tea and downing the Zicam..... at least I would kick me out.... No mercy, I tell you.... no mercy...

So here I sit.... drinking my hot tea and downing my Zicam.... and really wishing and hoping my throat will be better in the morning...


  1. Oh Dear
    May God work through this time to heal you and restore your body for His glory .
    My sweet Kelly put your sore throat in God's hands and trust God with the timing issues .
    He is faithful to heal ,restore and renew .
    May God touch you in a new creative way that will allow you to feel his mercy,goodness,and grace anew in Jesus Name

  2. I hope you feel better. I agree. Who has time to be sick?

  3. Oh no! I'll be praying you feel better and can really enjoy your retreat!

  4. Are you better? If not, maybe you needed this time at home with peace and quiet. Have your way, Lord! Let us know what God said (smile).

  5. I'm so sorry! When I was little, my mom would always have me gargle with warm salt water when I had a soar throat. Try it, it can't hurt! Hope you feel better soon!



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