Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gearing Up For School

One of the happiest times of the year is the beginning of the new school year - mostly for me I must admit - but the kids are ready to go back... even though they deny it they are excited - Why else would they try 1000 different ways to dress up their uniforms... their hair.... makeup..... Nikki loves to decorate her locker - she already has everything ready to go.... Her new book-bag is packed with everything she will need for the entire year... One brag moment - this summer - The principal invited Nikki to be a part of the high school Spanish class - this is a big to-do. Because she is an "A" student - she had the opportunity to take this class (by invitation only) - she could have taken three (3) other easy electives and got out of school early but she chose to do this advance class and get out of school later than her peers... Personally - I think she's a nut.... but boy am I proud of my smart girl....

Kara is so ready to start school - she also has her backpack packed and ready to go - she has already figured out her entire wardrobe for the following week - kind of cracks me up because she wears a uniform - the difference is in the tank top she will wear under the shirt - which uniform skirt or shirt and the shoes...... the converse... the uggs... the ballet slippers... or the tennis shoes... - I wish I had her shoe collection... Hard to believe my baby is in her last year of elementary school.. sigh

Tomorrow - we are going down to get the complete work up - the hair - the nails and the eyebrows for Nikki - after all she is a teenager - her Italian blood wants one continuous brow - but we got it down to two.... Kara has decided she wants her nails to be blue....okay - and Nikki wants black.. okey dokey...

Everyday - I am amazed how fast my girls are growing up - This will be the last year of junior high for Nikki and the last year of elementary for Kara. Every year on the first day of school - I always try to convince myself that I won't well up with tears - and I blow it each time.... Could you please pass me a tissue.....? My babies have become young ladies.... double sigh..

We will soon be back to the school and sports grind - The time for sleeping into noon is over for my sleepy girls - rise and shine will now be at 6:30 AM or sooner... Did I just say this is the happiest time of the year? Am I nuts? What was I thinking cuz that means I have to get up too!

I love this commercial - It's the most wonderful time of the year - the kids expressions - make me laugh


  1. Hooray for Nikki! That's quite an honor. I always hated seeing school start, but it is nice to get back into a routine again.

  2. Oh my gosh that commercial was hysterical!! I needed a good laugh...thank you. Have a great long weekend.

  3. Kelly,

    It is sad isn't it when each new school year comes around and you start to count the number of school years they have left before they become women of their own.

    This is a classic commercial and used to be one of my favorites until I started homeschooling. It just doesn't have that impact anymore like a giddy parent should.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. Ah, but the earlier bedtimes and quieter days are worth the crazy schedules and early wake-ups, right???

    Your girls look adorable!

  5. Kelly, that is my absolute favorite commercial!

  6. Congrats to Nikki! School starts way to early in Ga. August 3rd is still summer.



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