Friday, September 4, 2009

Patagonia Now At

I was first introduced to years ago by a friend that did all her online shoe shopping there.... What I liked about is the great selection of shoes from all the top brand names... I love love shoes.
Patagonia has partnered with zappos and now the selection is even greater.

I bought these slip on shoes a couple of weeks ago and it is now my favorite shoe - it's soft and really comfortable.. The removable footbed is lined with pigskin leather and it molds to the natural curve of my foot... - Walking around in Disneyland with these shoes has been great!

Patagonia uses the strongest and most durable materials - their products are made to last... When Patagonia first started they were more geared towards climbers and surfers who wanted their shoes to last - they later developed into more than just durable but pretty shoes too! Red I like red shoes - my husband likes to laugh at me and my red shoes.... but my friends always say - "Kelly - I love your Dorthy red shoes..." They make me happy.

If you need hiking shoes - check out Patagonia. This particular shoe is a winner - with a great price and a 5 star rating.

In addition to a great products - shoes and clothing, Patagonia is in the help to fight against environmental death of our planet. The use organic cotton and most of their polyester is recycled - they also give 1% of their sales, $25 million to date to hundreds of grassroots environmental groups in the US, Europe, and Japan...


  1. How was your week? I'm just catching up with you now. You've had a lot going on in your life these days. I'm sorry I missed your post on adoption. I'm sure it was a beautiful love story and nothing short of a miracle. As for that other carpola, try not to let it upset you. Some folks just have nothing better to do. Now about those shoes. I've often wondered how a person can buy a show without trying them on. I suppose it would help knowing the line of shoe, yes?

  2. Interesting. The verification word on my last post was parlitis. With your sense of humor, we can substitute carpola for parlitis. :)

  3. Kelly,

    I will definitely have to check these out. I have heard of Patagonia products before when it came to their hiking and climbing products. How great is it that they offer something for the rest of us.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat



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