Friday, September 18, 2009

Human Trafficking Is All Around Us

Last year I had the opportunity to learn about Human Trafficking.... Real life human trafficking that is happening in my own country... my own state.... and sadly in my own county.... This is a real crime - that many people don't know about.... I volunteer my time to help get the word out by working a booth at the county fair.... prayer walking in known areas of human trafficking - can you believe Huntington Beach Pier - is a known target area for human traffickers...

Two years ago in a nail salon down the street from my home - a human trafficking ring was broken up.... the workers turned out to be slaves brought here from Vietnam... They lived.... they worked.. they slept... and they were beaten in this salon... Walking into the nail salon - the untrained eye would never see - that the workers would look to only one leader - one person that they show fear too.... You would not realize that the main reason they did not talk with you wasn't because of language barriers - it was because they were not allowed to converse with the clients...

In a private gated community in a wealthy area in Orange County California - there lived a young Egyptian girl of eight (8)... She was sold to a wealthy couple.. This wealthy couple took this child home with them.... This child became their house slave. A neighbor noticed something not right.... why was the child not going to school with the other children in the household.... the neighbor called the police and now the couple is in jail.... This young girl was rescued at the age of 13.... Recently, she told her story - today she is 19 years old. click here to read her story.

Recently - I received an email from a friend who is also active in human trafficking.. What she came across is so offensive to me.... There is a t-shirt for sale at The Onion Store that says this:
"My Friend went to Thailand and All I Got was this lousy kidnapped prostitute." This is no joke. It is hard for me to believe that there are people out there that find any humor in this shirt...

Knowing what I know about the millions of women and children who are trafficked every day... that are abused - mentally and sexually... who are afflicted with diseases beyond their control and when they are no longer an asset to the abusers... they are murdered.... thrown away like trash... I find the shirt more offensive than I can describe... My friend called the company to verify that this shirt truly exists.... and it does.. ( I have the link in this post for you to see for yourself...) my friend asked to speak with a manager and was denied but she was told that many people have already called to complain.... If you feel as strongly as I do - give them a call at 800-280-1791 and voice your objection to this truly heinous shirt...


  1. This is horrible and it's hard to believe it would be happening right here. It does pay to be alert to what is going on around you. I guess you never know!

  2. First of all I can understand why you would find that T-shirt offensive. What I don't understand is how anyone couldn't. I may never know the answer to that one. Also, someone told me something that, in light of your post, I wonder now if that isn't something that is taking place with this. I'll be sure to encourage them to report it just in case. Sometimes the world is just way too creepy if you ask me. Thankfully, people like you make it a better place. :)

  3. OMG! You always have the most thought provoking, unbelievable posts! Having this take place in your own county is just too close for comfort.

  4. Wow. We become so complacent in our world of PTAs and laundry and trips to Wally World. . .thanks for bringing this subject to the forefront. . .



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