Monday, September 14, 2009

No Respect At the Video Music Awards

I had recently posted about the difference between my music and my daughter's music..... I made light of it. I lived through the 80's - and the music of that day is still music I like to listen too.. I get very happy (giddy really) when I turn the radio on and it's "Flashback 80's weekend".. I have flashbacks of my big high hair - my big earrings - multi- colored bracelets. I was a fashion diva - okay, maybe in my mind but I thought I was "totally cool". I have great memories of going to dances and listening to music from the Stray Cats... Michael Jackson (who could forget dancing to Thriller when it first came out. I know I was a dancing zombie many a time...). When Madonna first came out with her "Like a Virgin" album - we were all ready to wear the black bras - with see through net shirts... That was racy in my day... at least in my world..

I know there were singers and bands that sang about bad things... there were bad boys (and bad girl) personalities.... but that was music - I chose not to listen too. It was music that I never knew the words too. I want to say that people were more respectful in my day.... even more so in my parents' day.. In today's society in many ways respect is a thing of the past...

Last night I did not watch the VMA's - I don't really care for today's music and I don't know the singers/bands.... My kids do - a song could just start on the radio and they will call out the song and the artist... Last night - Dusty was enjoy his manly man time - watching football - eating ribs - and playing ping-pong with his "men friends". The kids were taking advantage of the last of the warm summer nights by playing paddle ball - and chasing each other down the neighborhood... I was folding clothes and enjoying the peace and quiet....

Before I went to bed last night I watched a little of the news.... What I saw floored me - At the Video Music Awards - Kanye West a well known "bad boy" rapper jumps on stage - takes the microphone out of Taylor Swift's hands as she is accepting her VMA award for Best Female Video. Kanye tells her that she should not have won the award and that Beyonce should have won... The outburst shocked everyone and he was booed off stage....

Today I started to think more about the music my kid is listening too. She has told me she loved rap and I do remember her mentioning Kanye West and to be honest I am guilty of listening with only half a ear to the names of the singers she listens too.... I am thinking I need to be more diligent in knowing my kids' preferences and why... I don't know if I would censor her music - I doubt I would ... but I can let her know my thoughts and we will have an opportunity to talk about her likes and dislikes... what a great way to spend time with my teen... A great opportunity to talk about values.....
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  1. Kelly,

    Let's just hope that his gets some pretty severe consequences for his inappropriate actions. This hasn't been his only issue at MTV, and perhaps it was to gain publicity for his own issues.

    So sad when you see this and then have to explain someones actions.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. I heard that this was not his first time doing something irrational like this on live t.v.

    That's really not nice at all.


  3. I posted something similar and was so pleased to read that you--and others--feel, I believe, as most people with a sense of decency and right & wrong do.

    Well put, and you're right--if nothing else his shameful display provided a great opportunity for a talk with our kids.

    Peace, love and happiness,
    "Diary Of A Sad Housewife"

  4. I just read about this and was appalled. He obviously hasn't learned from his past escapades!

  5. He's a loser and his momma is spinning in her grave.

  6. I have heard of him badmouthing other performers also. What a jerk! Today, he made an "apology."

  7. Oh, I didn't realize my new "friend" was the 80's Dancing Queen. I was a disco queen myself and I rocked that floor out. Okay, so I'm a legend in my own mind, what can I say? Sounds to me like you are too. "Let's all dance!" :)

  8. Well, Kanye's music is really pretty good. He's won a lot of critical acclaim and awards. I disagree with his antics...although he's trying to take a stand. I just feel his efforts could be directed to better places. The issues I'd have about my boyfriend's daughter hearing his music is that he has quite a bit of profanity and uses the "n" word sometimes. The radio bleeped out the "n" word in Gold Digger and instead had him say "but she ain't messing with no broke broke." (The second broke replaced the "n" word, which really made it make NO sense whatsoever...)

  9. I heard about this and I felt very sad that Kanye could be so rude. She is young and I can only imagine how she must have felt. I have daughters close to her age and they were talking about how well she handled herself. My girls would have cried and given up. Some people don't think before they speak and the results can las a lifetime. So sad...

  10. I hope the kids see what type of person he is and stop listening and buying his music. I also hope that MTV stops playing his videos and radio stations stop playing his songs.



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