Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Breakfast With My Baby...

Today my 8th grade daughter had a late start at school... So I dropped off the high schooler at her normal time and then treated my baby to a mom/daughter breakfast.... There was a time when she and I would talk and talk... laugh - tell and listen to stories... But now that she is thirteen..... We mostly had silence.... Although I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my beautiful girl... I miss the conversations we used to share.....

Digging into her cinnamon roll french toast

Getting ready to take her first bite...

Now she's done and ready to puke... SOOO MUCH FOOOD

I was hungry for the Denver potato pancakes.... They were soo rich - had a hard time eating more than a few bites...


  1. How fun! Mother/ daughter date! I love having those with my mom :)

  2. Mmmmm...Those potato pancakes look great! So neat that you could spend some time one on one...

  3. A couple more years and she'll have plenty to say to you again :-)

  4. YUMMMMMM!!! That roll your daughter was eating and about to puke out... wow, I'd like one too! :) It's great that you have these "dates" with your girls. I'm looking forward to doing this one day!



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