Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Dad Remembered This Christmas Season....

When I was in the 7th grade my school had a Christmas concert...  Back in 1977 - Christmas was still celebrated in the public schools... No one thought anything of it...  It was a different time....

My parents came to watch me and my classmates sing our hearts out... Now I have to tell you something... I am by far the worst singer I have ever heard... I'm down right awful... But I do love to sing and Christmas carols are my most favorite... So any way back to my big night performance...  My mom and dad were in the audience watching their favorite youngest daughter sing..  On the last song - all the kids circled the auditorium and we sang my dad's favorite song....  Oh Holy Night...  I remember seeing him standing there next to my mom... His eyes were glistening from the tears he shed...  After the show.... he swore he could hear me sing... and he said I sounded like an angel....  I know he was telling a tale... but it still made me feel special..

This Christmas will be the 3rd one without my dad... But he was with me today - while the radio played Oh Holy Night.....


  1. I loved your dad. He was the greatest!. I remember walking into your living room around Christmas, and your living room was filled with gifts from his vendors. I still remember that gold angel that had oil or something that streamed down it like individual little strings. I thought it was the greatest thing ever; today it would be considered gaudy. lol I had never seen so much stuff. Of course my favorite things were the baseball tickets. I went to more games thanks to Ron. I wish that after my dad died, I would have been able to come back to the neighborhood to spend time with him and your mom. Great people.. I am sure he would be proud of all of you.. He loved his family!

  2. So beautiful Kelly. Thank you for sharing... made me cry. I miss my dad too... :( But I do not a sweet story like this one... I'm sure there are others. But this was a sweet memory. This is also a lovely song - your dad had great taste in Christmas songs. :) take care... I'm finally back to blogging and reading my favorite blogs!

  3. What great memories you must have of him.

  4. Wonderful memory of your dad! Dad's can make us feel very special - even the memories of them can be very strong and emotion filled. It will be the 4th Christmas my dad has not shared with us..and there is always an emptiness but, I know he is with each of us ... and I'm certain your dad is with you too!! xo Blessings, HHL



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