Monday, November 7, 2011

Not Wanting To Let Go....

Last night Haley's parents posted on Haley's Facebook page that Haley's kidneys have stopped working and now is the time to make Haley comfortable and try to prepare themselves to say good-bye to their baby.... The update was made over 15 hours ago and I do not know if anything has changed... I do know that Haley has touched so many lives with her strength and courage during her fight... Currently there are over 100 comments on Haley's status and 36 re-shares... No one wants to give up on this precious life... We have been praying.... crying... making bargains with God... We want to believe that some how some way - She can be saved... She should live the incredible life that was in front of her a year ago... A star volleyball player at her high school.. A young girl with too many friends to count.. A girl whose beauty took your breath away.... A smile that was contagious... A girl in so many ways just like her mom... A mom I have known for over 35 years.....

Cathie and I on my wedding day

I regret that I never had a chance to "know" Haley... I remember the day she was born on April Fool's Day - I remember holding her when she was only a couple of days old... As the years went by - Cathie and I would try our best to get together for a movie or dinner. We both were working moms and it was very difficult at times for us to see each other.. But when we did - we started right where we left off... We would have little get togethers at each others' homes... I remember a particular New Year's Eve at Cathie's home and Haley and Ashley played with my two girls so that we adults could bring the New Year in.... I always enjoyed the stories about Haley... her funny and quirky ways... her amazing talent in volleyball... and I still have every Christmas card that Cathie sent out every year with her and her sister Ashley's picture... During the past year - I have seen how much Haley has meant to her friends and family.. What an amazing girl/woman she is...

No parent should ever have to say good bye to their child and I know that Haley's parents are going through the roughest time of their lives... I cannot stop crying - because I can see both of them in my mind's eye and it's so heartbreaking.... There is nothing at this moment in time that will ease their hearts.. or minds.. They are sad.. They are destroyed right now... and only time will lesson the pain..... A lot of time....


  1. This is the worst thing that a parent ever has to go through, and as a parent, I am feeling their pain. I can't imagine myself in that position, and pray that I never will be. I don't know Joe or Cathie; but I did go to Wilson when Joe was there, and was friends with his brother. My heart goes out to the entire Butcher and Quinn families, and to all the many friends that are grieving at this time. There are really no words that can make it better, and it is only time that will lessen the tears. They will never totally go away; but there will come a time when they will be able to remember her with a smile, instead of a tear; but it will take some time. Please give them my condolences, and a big hug to let them know I care. Lisa Cloyd Ashcraft

  2. Don't give up!! My father in law as recently as a few weeks ago was told his was going to die due to renal failure. Then he had a heart attack, then got a golden staf infection while he was in hospital. The doctors had given up all hope. He wasn't producing urine. They had told my husband he wouldn't make it through the night on four occasions. Please don't give up hope. He miraculously made it through all of those obstacles and in now home three months later. Fight for her, she may just fight back xx Praying xx

  3. Kelly, email me. May i make her a pendant?.

  4. I'm so so sorry. I want there to be a miracle.

  5. Kelly,
    I just read this terrible, awful, horrible - no words are right - news on Steph's blog.
    I thought things were better...I really did. Have been following all along as you know - I will continue to pray for this amazing family.
    Unbelievably sad.



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