Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Urgent - A Miracle and Hope Is Needed

I have written many posts about my friend Cathie's daughter Haley... Many of you have prayed... sent cards/letters, donated money to help the family, and have ordered donor kits (bone marrow donor) from Be The Match... I have no doubt that God is hearing our prayers and I have no doubt that Haley and her family feel blessed to know that there are so many people - friends and strangers pulling for Haley to have a full recovery...

Yesterday - Haley's Facebook page was updated... to let us know that Haley had another lung biopsy... and that she is back on a ventilator because she is having more difficulty breathing... This poor young lady must be so tired of this roller coaster ride she has been on for the past year... And to think that she has been in the hospital since August... with her incredibly brave mom by her side everyday... every night... every step....

While writing this post - Haley's Facebook page had another update...... I have copied and pasted the text below....

Haley is still very sick. Fever of about 105 and needing more oxygen on the vent. Preliminary results look like a fungal infection. Doctors are not giving us much hope at this time. Please keep your prayers coming.

You can find Haley's story on my sidebar - You can stay updated by going to Haley's Facebook page...

Thank you for your prayers and thoughts for this incredible family.. A family that if you knew them up close and personal - you could not help but love them like I do.


  1. Oh no. Haley and her family are in my thoughts.

  2. I am a marketer looking for blogs to review my product but I AM a Born-Again Christian first!

    It is no accident that I came across your page today and I have forwarded your blog to the prayer warriors in my church to pray for Haley as well.

    Heavenly Father
    There is NO accidents when it comes to your ways. Everything happens for a reason, and whether it is good, bad or ugly; we thank you and we praise you.
    But Lord one of your children is hurting!

    Jesus in your most precious name I pray that you touch Haley and make her well. From the top of her head to the bottom of her feet, heal her body!

    Lord I also ask that you be with her parents. Give them peace. Take their anxiety and fear and let them lean upon you Jesus. Remind them Lord that through you all things are possible!

    We thank you, we praise you and we love you and in Jesus name we pray.




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