Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Found - Stolen IPod.. Problem - A Classmate Has It...

Here's the scoop.... A few weeks back my 15 year old daughter Nikki had a tennis match at a rival school.. She was late getting out of her history class and in her haste to catch the bus left her purse on a bench in front of her locker in the girls' locker room... When I went to her match that afternoon - she told me what had happened... I asked her if she called the school and she had not.. She left her cell in her purse and did not think to ask someone to borrow theirs... Any hoo - I immediately called the school - they sent someone to the locker room - they found her purse and I had fifteen minutes to get it... or wait until tomorrow - No problem.. yep - so I jumped in my car - sped down the streets like a mad woman drove across town - made it with two minutes to spare... I got her purse - wallet/check.. cell phone/check... $240 IPod touch/missing!

What was there to do? Nothing really... The school informs the students that they are not responsible for lost or stolen items and that expensive electronics should not be at school... So the stolen IPod was signed off as a lesson learned... Until...

Yesterday morning - Nikki was in her math class and a classmate two (2) desks in front of her whips out an IPod.. An IPod with a very distinct crack across it's top - a missing piece of glass in a certain corner and packing tape taped across and vertical.... (Yes - although it was "newer" Nikki dropped it on our tile floors a time or two too many..) Nikki approached the girl and advised her that the IPod was hers and that it had been stolen... The girl according to Nikki was surprised that the IPod had been stolen.. She told Nikki that someone gave it to her (and to a 15 year old daughter - that seemed logical at the moment...) and the girl told Nikki that she would take it home and delete her pictures and songs and bring it back to school.... This Mama - doesn't believe it.... Sooooo

This morning I went with Nikki to the school supervisor's office and let Nikki explain the situation... Although the classmate said she would bring the IPod back today - We thought it would be wise to go on record with the school just in case there was a problem... You never know what could happen.. The supervisor had Nikki write down everything that happened and what was said... Nikki did not know the girl's name but thanks to the electronic age and the fact that the girl was Asian with her hair dyed bright orange (kind of hard to miss) - the supervisor took Nikki's description and was able to pull up the girl's name and picture with a couple of clicks on the mouse... crazy isn't it?

This is where it was left... If the classmate brings the IPod back - Nikki is to go to the supervisor and show the IPod.. If the classmate does not bring the IPod back then Nikki is to go to the supervisor and show that she had not received it.... Wonder if the IPod is a show or no show...

What Do You Think Will Happen???


  1. I really really want to believe that it will be returned ...

  2. I would like to think that this would be returned, but I have a 14 year old, so I think your chances are 50/50 - be sure to keep us updated, though.

  3. It would be wonderful if the child with the orange hair Let's call her Pebbles) did the right thing and I hope she does. But my suspicious nature would think otherwise. I hope Pebbles will prove me wrong.

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  5. I hope you do get it back!
    Returning follow from jollyjillys
    Great blog

  6. I'm wondering if the school can even do anything about it. Sad sad state of affairs. I'm hoping that the girl was naieve in accepting the gift and wants to return it and not get anyone in trouble. Did anyone ask who gave it to her? The lockerroom bench?

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  8. omg... i hope she returns it. it would be so sad to be lied to. i want to believe she will return it... i hope for a happy ending for nikki. sigh... wouldn't hurt to keep my fingers, toes, and any part that is flexible enough crossed for this happy ending! waiting for the follow up post...

  9. So did she return it? Don't leave us hanging lol.

    Anisah, first time commenter



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