Saturday, January 14, 2012

January Challenge Post 5

Scroll Down To See Our Kitty On A Leash - So cute

I have to say that January has started off to a very busy beginning of the year - I have a few new clients that have given me some really good loans to process... It looks like a few will make me money at month's end and next month fingers crossed will be an excellent one... But I still need more to keep up a flow of work... Craig's List is a great place to advertise - I place two (2) ads each Sunday and it's FREE.

I need to reconnect with my older clients that I had to let go beginning of last year - I had to complete a bunch of classes - take a few tests - get a broker license - a couple of endorsement certificates because The Department of Real Estate required all this stuff so that I can stay in business and do what I have been doing for over 20 years... Crazy I know... So it kind of sucks that a few of my awesome clients I worked with last year - most likely found a new loan processor or two and have developed good relationships over the past year... But I will do everything I can - to remind them on how good we had it.... ha

So Now To the January Challenge...

I have been writing down everything we spend -everything... I am in complete shock on how much money I spend - AND I'm not buying random stuff! It seems that I live at Target and Albertson.. Two weeks ago - I shopped for two week's worth of dinners.. That so far has worked out really well - My other shopping is to get milk - bread - school necessities, cleaning supplies, and other items we ran out of...

I did purchase a Shark Floor steamer for $69.00 - We have tile floors and a cat and a dog... My biggest thing is I want my floors clean - and I think about the cat using the liter box and walking around the floor and my dog stepping in her poop and tracking it around the house... The bathroom where the cat's box is hidden in the shower (no one uses it) - I once or twice weekly wash the floors and the shower with bleach water - the living room floors - I'm not as good as I should be - once a week at most... Thus the steamer AND - To save $200 a month - I will have to let go of our housekeeper -yes, I've been spoiled and I love a clean clean house - but I have two teens, a husband, and me - I think we can handle it... At least until our savings is replenished...

Cleo The Handsome Cat

My poor dog Charlie has had a bad week.... I took her in on Monday for her annual shots... She is gaining weight and she is not overfed - so the Dr. examined her - She has another ear infection.. so antibiotics - oral and for the ears - While I was waiting for the Dr. to come in with the shots - I was petting her and found strange grown on top of her paw under all her hair.. The Dr. did not like it and she will be going back next month to have it removed and a biopsy.. Oh and she has a urinary tract infection - First Dr. bill - $480 and next month will be around $700 - OUCH...

Charlie The Expense Baby Girl

So Today - I'm fine tuning our menus for the next 2 weeks - I'm trying to find ways to save more money - but I do believe in the long run - the savings will show itself - it's hard to see it now due to the residuals of past year....

On Monday - We had homemade pizza - Less than $5 - Tuesday - Beef tacos and Mexican Rice - $6.00 Wednesday - Left over tacos and grilled cheese sandwich - less than $4. Thursday - Meatball subs - less than $5 - Friday enchilada pie About $6 - Tonight Teriyaki chicken and rice. Tomorrow -Left overs...


  1. Good for you for sticking with it!
    Our last cat was a Cleo too. Your Cleo is a beauty!

  2. Getting a handle of the money in our lives is one of the biggest priorities there is, for individuals, for cities, for states,and for federal governments.!!!!!

  3. Cleo looks like she really enjoys it. I have always been a believer in indoor cats.



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