Saturday, January 7, 2012

January Challenge To Save Money Post 4

Don't you just love a good sale???

Today is Saturday - Day 7 of my Challenge for January and for the most part - I am on track... I haven't had an impulse buy - nor have we visited a fast food.... We did go out to dinner last night - my beautiful niece from Australia was out on business and our entire Southern California family met up with her at Mimi's Cafe in Long Beach... Before we arrived - I asked both of my girls to not order soda - I'm the ice tea queen of the world but I also opted for water... I asked that they share a plate due to the portions at Mimi's are huge... I enjoyed a cup of my favorite soup - French Onion and a small dinner salad... I learned that although the "soup and salad" meal is a lunch special - most restaurants will let you order it for dinner - Imagine that!

During my last post - I was making grilled pork chops, rice, green beans, corn, and apple sauce... I grilled them to perfections... They were so tasty in fact both of my girls ate everything on their plate... Granted my oldest gagged a little on her green beans - At that moment I realized that I have not introduced my kids to the joys of vegetables... Thankfully - it's not too late and before I am done - my kid will crave those green beans... instead of ice cream... Yup.. I can dream...

Tropical Mum - shared some of her ideas with us - The recipes sound fabulous! Thank you Tropical Mum


  1. Your post is a great reminder that so much of the eating out costs are the drinks! I think it is particularly bad here in Australia with coffee running about $4.50 for a small cup and a bottle of soft drink being around $3.50.

    Hehe, my kids can't stand green beans either, but they LOVE broccoli, go figure.

    Thanks for the linkup Kelly.

  2. love saving money my mother once said my grandma was the most frugal person she knew the other day she said I was getting a lot like my grandma

  3. All of that food looks delicious. We don't eat out too often but we all weekend which is extremely unusual. I had a long week and I've not felt like cooking in a couple of days. I usually enjoy it.

  4. Glad I dropped by! It's been a while! Saving money is ALWAYS a hot topic of mine.

  5. I found this greek seasoning (when dining with friends) that was oh so delicious on just about everything--including green beans. It just gives them a bit of snappy taste that is yummy!



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