Monday, September 30, 2013

They Will Become Human at 25? Are You Sure??

A while back there was a cruise commercial where this family was having a great time...  However, their teenage daughter did not want to admit to this great time so whenever the parents attempted to take a picture the daughter would frown and snarl.... until the fun was too much and they finally caught their teen smiling....  This commercial I believe represents many homes that have teenage girls (possibly boys)...

I have heard many parents complain about their teenage child's moods..  I have heard many times that the teen will become human again around the age 25 and all will be great...  From this side - it's very hard to imagine.....


  1. I will say that when my daughter got married and moved out, our relationship got lots better. Now she even apologizes for the way she treated me back then!

  2. We're definitely on the same side and yet, at the same time, it's not all that horrendous though either. Sometimes, there are things about myself I'm convinced I would never learn any other way. Let me ask you a question now? Have you ever had to do some behaviour correcting only to be told they've learned it from the best? I confess. It happened to me and that comment left me speechless. LOL!!!!!!

  3. It truly does get better (except in very rare cases). Once they grow up some and life happens, they start to realize you are human too.



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